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Loving is Living

Loving is Living

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She was sleeping. In a deep peaceful slumber. And all that he could think of doing at that moment was to simply watch that angelic beauty. All he could do was stay transfixed at the peace that showed in her face, her features.

Yes, she was angelic, divine, some unworthily beauty as far as he was concerned. She seemed much more beautiful in the arms of sleep. Not that she wasn’t angelic when awake. Oh, when awake, never did a moment pass when she wouldn’t be talking. He loved watching her talk, loved listening to her. He would just have a smile on his face – the smile that she says makes him look so sexy, all the time. Seeing him smiling so, she would ask him why he was smiling. She would suddenly become self-conscious. A heartbeat later she would realize that he wasn’t smiling because of any imperfection in her. He was smiling just because he found her so perfect. At that she would also smile and give him a kiss or a tender touch.

That smile could drive him nuts. What not would he do to see that smile once. She means the world to him. And her smile – a concentrated dose of steroids. He can spend the whole day just looking at her, loving her.

But true, he simply loved her asleep. He loved to fall asleep himself looking at her.

So serene she looks in slumber that her surroundings turn serene with her. The atmosphere becomes as if every particle is only just watching her and loving her.

He sees one wisp of hair on her right cheek – she is sleeping on her side facing him on her left. He wants to put that hair aside. But he is afraid that might wake her up. Waking her would break the trance that he was in and he was in no mood to come out of that beautiful intoxication that was her.

The question is how will she wake up if a strand of hair is put aside. But of course she would! Coz his princess is so soft and sensitive that the lightest touch on her cheek will break the sleep that she was so comfortably in.

He considered blowing on her cheek to displace that hair. How much that one strand of hair on her cheek was causing him discomfort. She might not even have felt it on her but his nerves were erratic. How much he loved her that he could not take even the slightest touch of hair on skin disturbing her. He wanted her to have peaceful sleeps.

He was right in wanting that. He had seen her spend sleepless nights when he had met her initially. How she had confessed to him that she was an insomniac. He had thought of it to be from birth but then she had corrected him. The demons of her life did not let her sleep peacefully and it was only pills that could help her. Plus, she was horribly addicted to those pills.

Her misery had struck him the very first day they had talked. He could see the pain in her eyes though she flashed a continuous smile. Only he could make out the strain in her voice when everyone else thought her to be perfectly happy.

And God knows what had gotten into her. In a day, she transformed him from a stranger to her dearest confidante. Only she knows what she saw in him. Her version is that she had understood and seen the real person inside him and knew that he would understand her. Well, she was right too. Even he never could fathom how he understood her so well.

So it was with lots of love and understanding and support, that he was somehow able to restore her healthy mental state. Her sleeps slowly started becoming comfortable and peaceful. Slowly, she started to find that serenity that comes inherent with a wonderful slumber. Her purse slowly started having lesser and lesser amounts of sleeping pills in it. And now that they have completely stopped, he did not ever want those terrible days coming back.

Lack of proper sleep had brought on dark circles below her eyes at one point. Now that they were gone, he wanted to have no reason whatsoever of bringing them back.

And he used to make sure of this every night – skipping his own sleep and watching over his beloved, making absolutely sure that nothing disturbed her at all. She didn’t know of this habit of his. He didn’t ever let her know. She always wakes up to find him looking at her. The first couple of months of them being together, she used to ask him if he hadn’t slept. But he used to always lie that he had just woken up few minutes before her and was simply looking at his beautiful wife. Now she has stopped asking him. She has accepted his excuse.

He is happy. For she really is a different woman when asleep. And he is the reason that she sleeps properly. Oh, how much he loves her. Oh, how very much!!

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