Dinakar Reddy



Dinakar Reddy




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You became such a recluse.

Shravan gave a pitying look while saying.

Shravan and Visesh are high school friends.

Visesh is cooking.

Don't you even think about how much you are ruining your life?

Visesh is silently arranging items on the table.

You are one of the best writers in the TV industry. All your romantic scripts are award-winning.

But, you are living a lonely life. You got no one in your life to take care of you.

Why are you fearing to mingle with people?

Visesh started eating food while Shravan is still arguing about his lifestyle.

Visesh loved his classmate but she never reciprocated feelings towards him.

Shravan is convincing him to socialize and love someone again.

Shravan went out with frustration.

You are sick. He said while going.

I am lovesick. Visesh said to himself while looking towards a picture of his love interest and the scripts he had written.

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