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Minarva Priyadarshini


Love: The Destination-1

Love: The Destination-1

3 mins

A message popped up on her phone. She was a little drowsy at that time. Half opening her eyes she checked that notification and saw his friend request.

Is it Bihan?

Nope...he cannot be. She thought to herself.

She kept her phone aside and turned her face towards the window to wash her face in the sunrise.

Still thinking about that notification. Finally, she woke up and went to get freshen up. Today is her concert in the heart of this city. She has to get ready before 1 pm. So that she can reach in time. She went to the kitchen and prepare breakfast for her along with a cup of tea.

For her "A cup of tea is an emotion and a sip of it is love".

Yeah...she is so thoughtful today. Seems something gonna happen very well today.

She has prepared a few songs for the concert last night. So nothing to do much now except preparing lunch and arranging her goods for a day stay. She called her manager Mr. Sukla for the confirmation of her hotel. 

Another message popped up on her phone again. She opened and saw its Bihan again. She was like in a surprise to see this. She opened her Facebook and found two messages therefrom Bihan.


May I talk to you, ma'am?

Like him, every aspect is unique.

Minal replied a Namastey with a pretty smile.

Their conversation started with a new beginning and both two became comfortable with each other.

Bidding him goodbye she went to get ready for her concert. It was a very precious day for her. She was feeling very happy inside.

Heading towards her destination, her mind was completely obsessed with him. She was scrolling their memories but there were not many indelible things which her eyes could catch except his innocent smile.

Her concert went nicely. She got a lot of appreciation, respect, and love. But, her heart was planting his thoughts inside. Just felt like she is in a different world. The growing thoughts slowly opened her feelings closer to him. She felt asleep while thinking about him.

Nextday she texted him and their journey started as two travelers towards the same destination. Yes, she could find something precious has already arisen between both of them which they have named it "Love"; the sea where they dipped to the depth and found it deeper.

Minal was in her deep sleep while Bihan woke her up to show her their dream place Mussoorie where they have reached. She looked outside of the window and mesmerized with the beauty of nature and looked in the eyes of Bihan. She felt like She is dreaming but here is the hand which she has held from the past 3years and here is the diary whose pages are the witness of their divine love. His eyes were glittering and he kissed her forehead as he used to do. Her happiness again touched the peak of the mountain...

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