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2 mins

Rumki...a little girl. This story is about Rumki..she lost so many things. If we count then it will be uncountable.

Her father is a carpenter. He makes lots of things from wood. Then he used to go to town to sell them for a long time. When he comes back then he brings lots of things for his small family. ...lots of food, clothes and many more.

When her father does work at home and makes beautiful beautiful things Rumki becomes very surprised and thinks that she would be a very efficient carpenter like her father one day. Sometimes she tries time to make something and some time she makes really nice thing. She starts to help her father. Her father thinks to put her in a good college to learn more about this. He tries to save more money for this. Rumki's mother us very happy about this.

One day Rumki's father gets some work for a rich person's house. He goes and it takes lots of time ..1 month. ..2 months. ...but the work is very nice. He gets lots of money for his work and appreciation.

He comes back home and talks lots of with Rumki's mother. Rumki is surprised because it's not natural. Then Rumki's mom prepares Rumpire for her next day journey. Rumki wears a very good dress. She looks very pretty.

She comes to the town with his father and stays in a very big house. Rumki's father worked here before. Rumki can't understand anything. A very well dressed person comes to see Rumki.

The next day is Rumki's marriage day. From the morning there are lots of activities are happening with Rumki. There are lots of new dresses, new things. She can't get time to speak with her father.

Rumki marries a man ...

The next day almost all the activities relating to marriage are going to finished. Rumki's father comes to say goodbye to Rumki.

Rumki asked lots of questions about this. His father says it's a good opportunity for her.. she is growing up. .oneday she should marry.. they are a poor family. In this family, she will get lots of things for a good lifestyle. But Rumki starts saving to cry.

Rumki's father is sad and happy both and says goodby to her and goes.

Rumki becomes sad and things about her mom, her small toys, her dreams, her friends, her small happy family. ..

She doesn't know when she will get.. again.

Then her father disappears romantic the path..she can't see her father.



Rumki lost lots of precious things.

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