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Sadhana B

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Lost Again

Lost Again

5 mins

Once upon a time, there was a small family that lived in Udaipur. They were living very happily. Ramu was a boy 5 years old, his parents Jyothi and Raju were well educated. Father was a govt teacher, mother was a nurse.

Days were passing on, Ramu started growing up. They used to go to the movies every weekend. Sunday was their fun day... suddenly a tragedy took place in their life, Ramu's parents met with a dreadful accident. Ramu's mother was dead at the spot,father Raju was saved with long struggle for battle of life.

Yet misery cloud covered them. It was very hard for Ramu's father to take care of Ramu alone,so on suggestions of many people he got married to Reethu. But,Ramu had a bad opinion on stepmom. He used to feel Rethu will take his father away from him.

As he started growing big ,his insecurities also grew up. Whatever Reethu suggest to him, he used to take in wrong way ...his hate was so dark ,can't see her love....

One day Ramu and Reethu were alone at home. Reethu was suffering from fever yet how many times she called Ramu for help he never responded. Her health started to become worse. Ramu's father reached home and scolded Ramu for his deeds and took Reethu to hospital and heartbroken Ramu left the home... and he faced many struggles in his life.

Reethu blamed herself for Ramu's decision,she never planned for a baby after this incident. Raju was in deep misery for losing his son. He became mentally retarded. Reethu took up a job as private school teacher and took care of Raju....

One day while attempting his board exams Reethu was Ramu's invigilator, he even not uttered a single word ... Heartbroken Reethu left Ramu alone. after completing exams Ramu rushed in urge to bus stop and moved away.

Reethu tried to stop but her efforts were in vain . Reethu cried out loudly and returned home and narrated incidents to Raju,his situation seems improved...Again days were passing on and Raju's health was stabilised ....

Years were passing on, but things turn worse than earlier. Ramu married Lavi. Their marriage took place against acceptance of Lavi family. They started their new life, they enjoyed a lot. Many trips around world.Own house,car etc... Their love life was on cloud nine.

But no one knows what life unfolds next. A sudden visit of Lavi's mother brought darkness into their lives. She provoked Lavi against Ramu slowly.

Slowly, their issues started growing big. Their nights ended with fights and mornings started with fights... financial issues , family problems. Just life was living hell for Ramu.

One day similarly Ramu went to the office, but his health seems to worsen. He returned home early. Lavi was in her office. Lavi's mother was at home, yet she didn't even ask Ramu about his return, he cried out of pain, but no one helped him.

He remembered his behaviour towards Reethu, he cried about his deeds but no use. Later Lavi reached house and not even looked at Ramu. She cooked food , ate with her mom,and she slept.

Similarly, next day again fight took place between them and matter went up to divorce. Ramu pleased Lavi but she even not responded. Next day court hearing dates were announced. Tensed Ramu asked help for everyone to accompany him to court... but no use.

Ashamed of his deeds he attended court and here things turn worse to Ramu and Lavi where Lavi's mother played a wicked game where all faulty acquisitions were put on Ramu. He was arrested, Lavi's mom took Lavi forcefully to her home and here Lavi was pregnant, her mother forced for abortion but Lavi opposed.

Ramu was left in deep misery, finally, he gathered enough courage and called to his father Raju...

No one lifted the call. After a few hours, Reethu called back to that number,and police officer informed about the situation...

Reethu rushed to police station, she talked with Ramu,but he was very shameful on his deeds, he remained silent for all her questions. Reethu thought to approach lawyer ...

Next she approached a lawyer Ravindra Kumar Sharma. She narrated incidents to Mr.Sharma. Mr Sharma suggested her to meet Lavi.

Reethu went to meet Lavi, But Lavi's mother did not allow her to meet Lavi. She requested her but in no vain.

She waited for few hours in front of Lavi's house, security guards pushed her out, she was wounded badly ,and cried out of pain. Lavi saw her from her window and rushed to help her.

Lavi thought she was someone seeking help from her parents. But Reethu,said that she was mother of Ramu. Lavi was glad to meet her,but Lav'is family forcibly took Lavi inside.

Reethu went to police station and narrated incidents to Ramu,Ramu cried bitterly by realising his mistakes. Reethu consoled him,and moved to lawyer Mr.Sharma.

He suggested her to arrange some amount to get him out of jail to get bail.

Reethu tried hard to arrange money ,but she found no hope,finally sold her mother's property,and arranged money. Finally, Ramu was out from jail,and again he mistaken Reethu that she sold his mother's (Jyothi) property.

And Ramu's father who was waiting outside entered in,and slapped Ramu for his deeds,and narrated the sacrifices of Reethu, how she lost most precious boon of motherhood as she accepted Ramu as her child... and never thought of another kid.... and her efforts to win heart of Ramu.

He felt very miserable for his deeds and apologised to Reethu for misunderstanding her,but the biggest punishment awaited for Ramu,that was her forgiveness,

Because" forgiveness is the biggest punishment than punishment".

And Ramu and his father went to Lavi's house and brought her out from that place ,now they all are united together,but what life unfolds next we can't guess and lived happily for few days...

Reethu was suffering,with blood cancer from few years,and she hid it from Ramu and Raju,and she lost her life. Now what's the use of realising his mistakes,he lost his mom again...Because he know that Reethu's health was not good from his childhood. If he noticed that,he may have found a way to save her.

He was heartbroken and cried bitterly ,and named his baby as Reeth and continued his life....

If he cleared his misunderstanding earlier, he may be leading a very happy and successful life as shown in the display picture.

Moral:Don't be quick in taking decision.

If you don't understand someone,it's ok ,but misunderstanding is not acceptable.

Don't ruin your relations.

We never know what life unfolds next...

Just move with love,care, affection,patience, tolerance,learn to control your anger...

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