Somya Ranjan

Fantasy Thriller


Somya Ranjan

Fantasy Thriller



10 mins

         1996 -Mount Cashel orphanage

   A 6 years old boy named Janus who was very bright in studies but left alone in life. He stayed totally depressed all time. He was bullied by elder children. He had not any support. One day a new child came to that orphanage. She was only 4 years old and someone left her in front of the orphanage. Then the orphan keeper named her Hylia as she is very innocent. Hylia met Janus and they became very good friends quickly. Because their situation is similar and they face many problems in their life. Then they started to support each other.

            15 years later-New York

   Janus is going for an interview. He is very excited. Hylia is also with him and their friendship turned into love now. Janus says that if he got this job, they will marry. Hylia gets mad happily after listening to this. Hylia says to him best of luck for the interview. Then he goes out for the interview.

   When he returns home, he was very happy and says to Hylia that he got the job and they could live happily forever. Both of them are very happy. They faced many problems in their life and now they can live an easier and peaceful life. They both dreamed that they will buy a house and they will marry. Then Janus proposes Hylia for marrying and Hylia says Yes.

              1 year later

    Janus and Hylia are bleeding on the road. The visual is a blur. Someone is lifting them. Then suddenly Janus wakes up screaming and it was only a dream. He is breathing so quickly. Hylia asks him what happened? He says that he saw a bad dream for 3 days. He saw himself and Hylia died and he was not he. He was another being in his dream. It's so complicated. Then Hylia consoles him and says it was just a dream and ignore it. 


    One day, she tells Janus that she is pregnant. Janus is very happy because he didn't get the love of his parents but he gets a chance to give it. He is very excited. Both hug each other with joy.

               6 months later

     Janus lost his job because his company finds more experienced candidates in less salary. Now, the financial condition of Janus and Hylia is not well. Janus is so depressed. He can't find a job anywhere else. So Hylia decides to work somewhere and cooperate with Janus and to decrease his worry till he won't get a job. Then the next day she is going to an interview for a supervisor job in a construction company. She gets the job.

     Janus again sees that bad dream and this time it's seems clear. Then he wakes up and goes to the washroom. When he opens the tap and put his hand into the water, it turns suddenly into vapor. It happens two-three times and then it becomes normal. Then Hylia worriedly calls Janus to room. He sees that the blanket is looking so old and the ply of bed is damaged by termites. Janus says Hylia that how it happens? We bought this only 2 months ago. Don't worry, I will complain to the company.

      Then before he going to his work he touches the womb of Hylia and says it will be a lucky charm for us. Then suddenly her womb gets bigger like the baby in the womb grows very quickly. Both Janus and Hylia are in shock. They are totally confused. Janus says that we have to go to the hospital now. I don't think whatever it is happening is good. Then Hylia's phone is ringing and the call is from her office. Then Hylia just ignores it and says that I am late. We will talk about this later. I am fine. Then both go to their work. But Janus is still thinking that what is happening with him today. It's very weird.

      In the evening, they both are doing dinner. When Janus picks up the piece of chicken, it's rot quickly and smells bad. Now he realizes that something is very wrong. He says Hylia that whole day strange things happened to him today. Then Hylia's phone ringing and there is an emergency. She hangs up the phone and says Janus that she has to go out of town because there is a problem in an apartment. She will return before morning. Janus says he can't let her go alone at night. Firstly, it is out of town and she will come late. So he requests her that he would go with her. Hylia doesn't want but after some time she agrees. Then both of them go there in their car.

      They are returning home. It's midnight. Janus refill petrol in their car. Then he sees that the bonnet of the engine is open. Then after refilling the petrol, he checks the engine and closing the bonnet. Then suddenly the engine gets damage strangely. The engine looks so old. But Janus can't notice it. 

      After some distance, at a desert road, their car shut down and don't start. Then Janus goes to check the engine and when he opens the bonnet, he sees that the engine condition is so bad and it turns very old. So, they decide to take help from other vehicles. But there is no vehicle seen farther from that road. They go to the nearby forest in search of help. 

      Walking into the forest sometime, they find an old farmhouse. They go there in the hope of spending that night over there. Janus knocks the door. Then an old man wearing a formal dress opens the door. Janus and Hylia feel some weird that at midnight the old man dressed like this. They ask him to stay in his farmhouse. Their car was damaged near the forest. They introduce themselves and the old man introduces himself as Dr. Hades. Then they go inside and they are shocked. The farmhouse is bigger from inside than outside. They are going to ask the old man but he quickly goes inside the house. They can't find him in that huge house. It is like a complicated maze. 


      After wandering sometime in the house, they feel something is inappropriate here. So they decide to go out. But they can't find the way. Hylia's womb starts paining and she can't walk. So Janus left Hylia in a room and search Dr. Hades. He goes room to room. He realizes that all the rooms are the same. He is very confused. Then he hit the door angrily many times. Then the door opens and he is in a lab-type research room. Dr. Hades sees something to space by his telescope from that room. 

      Janus asks Dr. Hades about these weird things. Hades answers him nervously that all these things are his inventions. Janus is still in doubt but he convinces and asks for some food. Hades shows him some food which is rot. Janus picks up the food and says it is the shit. I will stay hungry but can't eat this and puts the food there and goes to Hylia. Then the food turns fresh suddenly but Dr. Hades doesn't surprise after looking at this. He follows Janus like he is observing him.

     Hylia goes out of that room and searches for Janus. Then she wanders in the house and she sees herself shadow in a room and when she enters the room, she sees that many Hylia's dead bodies bleed in the room. She is afraid and runs. But she slips on the blood and falls on a table's edge. After some seconds she dies. Then another Hylia comes into the room.


     Janus enters the room where he left Hylia and he doesn't find Hylia. He calls her. Then Dr. Hades enters the room and he is trying to warns something to Janus. Then suddenly another Janus comes angrily in that room and attacks the first Janus. Then both fight. The other Janus killed by the first Janus. He is totally confused now. He asks Dr. Hades angrily that what's going on? Then Dr. Hades trying to explain to him that it's a huge loop that is created by Janus. But he doesn't know how and when it's created. He says two days before Janus and Hylia came to his house. Then it was normal. But when Janus wandered into the house then the house was turned into a maze and till Hades was trying to unsolve this puzzle that why all this happen. Then Janus asks that then the problem is in me. Hades says yes but it's not a problem it's something cosmic. He will solve it anyway. Then Hades goes to his research room.


      Janus starts searching Hylia and then he gets to the room where Hylia dies. After seeing Hylia he is gone mad. He can't think of what to do. Then he is crying loudly. Suddenly he sees himself entering a room. He thinks that that person kills Hylia as he tried to kill Janus sometimes ago. He angrily goes to him and attacks him. During these, he dies. 


      After returning to his lab, Dr. Hades trying to get an answer. Then a new Janus enters the room and asks about the weird things that happen in this house. But now Dr. Hades says the truth and he breaks the loop. He got his answer. He says Janus that he is a loopster. Janus asks surprisingly that what is loopster? Dr. Hades tries to explain to him that when two parallel universe's earth comes simultaneously evolving through a wormhole, then the specific coordinates of two earths are affected by the space and time. It's happening very rarely. Who born in that coordinates become a loopster. The person who born there has the power of bending space and time of a specific matter. You are a loopster. So you create this loops unknowingly. If you won't break the loop soon then time will fluctuate and you transfer into the future or past. You can break it easily. You should have control of your powers. Then Hades says that today is the loopster day. The origin is this forest. So your powers are uncontrollable and make this type of loop automatically.


      Janus suddenly goes for Hylia and he can't find her. He uses his power and turns the space smaller in that house and the house turns normal. Then he goes to the room where Hylia went. He sees that Hylia is about to fall by slipping. He uses his power on Hylia and Hylia's time is pause. He saves Hylia and goes out of that house with Dr. Hades. But the whole forest was the origin of the loopster. So he uses his power to makes younger the trees for which they can find the way easily.


     But the trees enter quickly to the underground. Dr. Hades also stands near a tree and he is also burry in the ground suddenly. Janus and Hylia survive very difficultly. When they are about to go out of the forest, Hylia's water broke. She is going to deliver the child. Janus lies her on the ground and runs out for help. When he goes out of the forest, he sees that no one is on the road. Their car also vanished. He returns to Hylia and he sees that she delivers the baby boy. According to Dr. Hades, he is also a loopster. Janus and Hylia come out of the forest. 

      They walk some distance and they see an old model car which is outdated. They take a lift from that car. When the driver asks for the address, the address doesn't exist. They were shocked. Then they say him to take them to the hospital. On the way, the driver listens to a very old song. They feel weird. Then Janus asks him doubtfully which year it is? The driver says 1990. They are shocked. Hylia asks confusedly what's happening? Janus explains her to all the things. Then he says that we are late to come out of that forest. So we are in the past now. They both are worried. They haven't any way to go to the future. For the child, they decide to live here and start a new life and forget all these events.


               1 year later

     Janus and Hylia are very happy and they settle in 1990. They are going to a picnic. Janus gets ready and Hylia puts the snacks in their car and the baby boy is in Hylia's hand. She puts the baby on the backseat and gives him a rubber to play. Janus and Hylia get into the car and they are very excited and happy.


     After traveling some distance, the baby starts crying. Hylia tries to take him and Janus sees back at the baby. Then suddenly they face an accident. Janus and Hylia are severely injure and bleeding on the road as the dream. After sometimes, they die. But the baby boy is safe and crying in that car.


     Then a policeman takes the baby boy. After some days, the policeman takes him to the Mount Cashel orphanage.


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