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Life On Mars!

Life On Mars!

3 mins

Ella is always curious to know about the (outer) space. She always questions herself, what if there's life on other planets like that of ours?

Ella always has a keen interest in the Spacetime Odyssey, Time Lapse, Asteroid-belt, the Great Red Spot, Cassini-Huygens mission, the tiny muddy lumps of snow debris that forms the ring around Saturn and how the sun is formed out of the tiny nebula, etc.

Albeit, she doesn't know she was a Uranophile and consider this exploration as one of her amusements.

She thinketh there's some energy out there that exists within us and in our domain as Earth is also a spatial realm.

The energy that has forged the entire universe which has furthermore fabricated our space as well as all and sundry, according to Ella;

As she had read somewhere that,

"Scientists believe that almost all of our body's mass comes from the Kinetic Energy of the quarks and the Binding Energy of the gluons."

Altho, her dream is to explore the outer space once in her lifetime and to experience weightlessness in zero gravity.

And then she says to herself, "BE REALISTIC!"


Howbeit, she has never relinquished her so-called hobby hanging in space and has always been inquisitive to au-fait all about it in her unrestricted hours.

Albeit, one extraordinary day, she waggled her phone and saw the news popped up on her Newsfeed,

"Mars: Green glow detected on the Red Planet. "

She became peculiar and started skimming, sliding, reading all about it like a maniac.

She au-fait, "The green glow is caused by the interaction between the oxygen atom and the sunlight."

"A similar glow is sometimes seen by astronauts on the space station when they look to the Earth's limb. "

While reading this has given her a cue of hope that there is a possibility of future in (outer) space or in "MARS" itself.

Don't know why? After reading that, has made her day so rare during the dark times of her life when the whole world was languishing over the Epidemic Rife.

She was this delighted that she wants to tell the whole wide world about this discovery. When she gets herself together, she 'Phew!' And said, "My so awaited dream is right in front of my eyes, FINALLY! THERE'S A POSSIBILITY OF FUTURE LIFE ON MARS."

Stephan Hawking once said that the Human race is doomed if we do not colonize the Moon and Mars. Albeit, he always utter that, "We've 100 years to colonize a new planet— or die. Could we do it? "

If he were alive, he would be thrilled to know about this news. He always motivated the youths to be curious about the (outer) space and try to au-fait all about it.

Stephen Hawking always conveys his thoughts by his quotes and here is one such that I'd like to re-quote it in which he asks the younger space-enthusiasts to be curious about the Universe,

"We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the universe. That makes us something very special."

"Cheers to every space enthusiasts out there, who are delighted to know about this news."

– Payal Saran

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