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Travel the path from illness to wellness with Awareness Journey. Grab your copy now!

Life- Mixture of Good and Bad

Life- Mixture of Good and Bad

2 mins

I didn't walk alone in those 2 to 3 months so I decided to go alone that evening but was little confused about where to go??

"The weather was good. It was mostly rainy, the cold winds were blowing slowly and birds were flying in a row creating a memorable moment"

Somehow I removed the thought of going outside and convinced myself to stay at terrace to enjoy the entire memorable weather

As it is natural that people start self analysis when they are alone i.e. some sort of introspections. My mind also dwelled in the same era 

I remembered 

a) The memories of my childhood - how foolish I was. Though I still am, but have improved in the recent years.


b) The moments when my father taught me some good lessons 

c) The moments of every night when I had an endless talk with my father 

d) The moments when I would wait for my father for taking the food together 

e) The actions of my father when he gave me the middle part of chapatti after he ate the side part of it.

I usually asked him why he does so. But he never answered 

As a small child, I was unaware about the fact that middle part has some good quantum of butter. It is soft and easy to eat etc.

I was having the best feeling while remembering all these moments of perennial love of my father.

Suddenly a single memory of a moment changed the scenario of the moment of his unfortunate death. 

Entire memories of those difficult days flashed back within a short span of time. 

People say everything happens for a reason, 

Everything happens for something good. 

I too use to speak these lines but in actual I don't believe what I speak in as I have failed to find out anything good in the death of my father, failed to find out the reason of the same.

Sometimes it happens that we ourselves don't believe on what we speak.

Everyone has a different story and circumstances in their lives.

These lines are nothing but just an opinion of those people based on their own life experiences

It may be that these lines or quotes are totally irrelevant in our lives. 

Don't go blindly on these lines but rather take them as an opinion, 

Make your own rules, Develop your own quotes based on what life has taught you so far. 

Remember Life is a mixture of good and bad moments 

Some are good, 

Some are bad, 

That's why we call it life.

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