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Life Is Struggle - Part 2

Life Is Struggle - Part 2

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Trout couldn’t here, but he knew she was calling after him. An enormous and splitting energy sprouted inside his body as he thought of saving her. Is there a way to save her from this indomitable and intimidating creature? No, it wasn’t possible. The Trout was drained of ideas and he couldn’t find a single way to save his wife and children, let alone kill the fiercest Shark. He leapt with long stride and pummeled on his protruded face, a scrunching pain shoot on the Shark’s head. The Shark hadn’t imagined such a force from this weak fellow. He was stunned for a second. In fact, he stepped back, but not in fear. He knew that he himself had a huge body to knock him down like a heavy weight champion in a first blow. But his confidence was shadowed by the Trout’s overwhelming enthusiasm. What the fucking power these words I love you has in it, he thought and suddenly hurtled like a rocket over the Trout.

It was an unexpected hit, but Trout was ready to take such stunts from the ruthless Shark, who was groaning like a devil shown in ugly thriller films. A snotty yellowish liquid leaked out of its nose, it was the synonym for its billowing anger. The Shark was roaring with vehemence to shear off the Trout’s head. But fortunately Katla was safe inside his mouth, even though she was sliding up and down whenever the Shark shook his big mouth to attack the Trout. Katla felt she would have had hands like a human to protect her children and feel them through her gingerly touch, but it was only a vain thought. She had prayed and prayed and prayed that God should help the Trout to save himself from the fiercest attack of the Shark.

“Wow, you have some guts buddy. I like it, you know,” the Shark said, as grinded its teeth. His huge eyes were hot like midday sun.

“I will kill you if you won’t release Katla from your mouth,” the Trout screamed.

The Shark laughed like a Ravana, he stared at Trout as chewed something inside his mouth. No, the Katla was fine. The monstrous Shark was just acting.

“Hah, she tastes like a roasted pig. Did you ever………….” Before the Shark had finished the sentence, the Trout grabbed a small spear from the bottom of the river and pierced it at the bottom of Shark’s body. Shark could feel the stingy pain under his body (close to pelvic fin), but didn’t know what had happened to him. He couldn’t guess where the Trout hidden suddenly. His eyes were still razor sharp and scanned at every direction. “Where the hell are you? Come to face me, you little snotty bug?” he boomed. Even the sound inside the water heard like it was amplified with 5.1 dolby speakers.

He was panicked when he had seen the red color mixed in water. What the fuck it was? Was something colorful? Are the humans are celebrating holy in the water? the Shark thought blindly. His teasing pain was unabated and continued its delirium. He almost fainted when he had come to know that it was his own blood.

“You release her now. Otherwise I will rip off your innards,” the Trout said.

“You can’t do that. I am thousand times bigger than you. You must be joking,” the Shark said, he was still able to bring smile to his face. It appeared ghastly and hideous and brutal. He flipped his broad tongue as the Katla fell under the gooey saliva of his tongue. It was like thick and viscous matter and she found it was difficult to get out of here. She tried to pull over the tongue but it was weighing heavy and she had lost her courage because she couldn’t lift a few centimeters. It was like the roof of the house was suddenly collapsed and fallen on your head. But Katla continued screaming, she thought her vehement cries would be heard by the Trout. As death inched closer to her, she was wished to live longer with the Trout. Her adrenaline was pumping like an old engine and she was distraught and faithless spirit now.

“Oh ghosh, why are you fighting with small creatures like us? Stop attacking. Why don’t you prove your mettle and muscle power by fighting with someone who is as big as you?” the Trout said. He dropped down the spear which he had clenched in between his teeth, he knew killing such a giant creature was only going to happen in his dream, how many times he had try to pierce him, it wouldn’t destroy him and the Ravana Shark would come back and fight with him again and again. Oh God, why did you create such helpless and small creatures like us? Only to be torn and eaten by these deranging animals? Why such partiality in your creation? Why you didn’t give us the special powers to combat with such valiant creatures at difficult times and win against them? I’m just a poor and deprived soul and didn’t even have an ounce of stamina to challenge him? he thought and fumed.

“You are cursed people. You are born to be defeated by me,” the Shark said and grinned.

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo,” the Trout’s blood furiously struck his heart as he rose and punched on the Shark’s stomach, as his stomach cracked. The Trout didn’t know how he got an enormous energy to hit him like that. He knew all the power was within him. It was only his lack of belief was making him think he was a low creature. The power he had within was like the booming thunderstorm buried in his gut and suddenly got through his veins and ravaged the people who confront him. The Shark’s stomach split into two like the dried wood crack after it was axed. The many swallowed fishes had come out of its barrel like stomach and fell in the water, gasping for breath and coughing. Maybe thousands of fishes came now.

The Shark’s body twisted and spun like it was dancing in the river, but his eyes were screaming. He groaned as opened his mouth fully and shook his head as if he wanted to swallow them all again. But he didn’t. The thrashing energy in his blood was getting drained now. You could see there was a sudden drop of charge in his eyes, it was subdued and telling others that he was lost in the battle by the single fierce stroke came from the Trout. He was still wondering how this poor guy had got such bashing potential all of a sudden. No, he couldn’t able to think it properly. He was falling to death. His mouth was slowly closing.

The Trout was screaming, “Katla, get out now. The Shark is dying. Jump out of his mouth immediately,” he said.

The Katla was hearing his yapping, but it was an interminable experience to get out of that slick saliva of the giant Shark. She was trying to climb up the tongue but it was a vain attempt. Each time when she tried to jump, she was slid back and fell into the trap again and again. She almost gave up. She thought living again with the Trout was only a distant dream. She didn’t know if her little children were still alive in her womb. Maybe two are alive, no, only one. She couldn’t reason it. She wished not a single little fish had died. But what was the need to think of their health unless until she couldn’t get out of this enervating, excruciating, and strangling cavern mouth. Her breathing was faltering but she wasn’t dead. She knew it was something because she had done some good karma earlier that she was still breathing. Otherwise it was impossible to even think of living under a tunnel where even air won’t sneak in.

“Oh God, this is my final try, if I couldn’t climb up the tongue, I am ready to die,” the Katla said, closing her eyes and muttered.

The Trout was deeply worried because there was only a few centimetres of slim gap in Shark’s mouth now, he was whisking left and right in front of Shark to know if Katla was peeking out through this thin gap. Even thousands of fishes which were saved earlier were swirling around them to know what was going on here. They didn’t aware that the Trout was looking for his wife. He wasn’t in a position to reveal this matter to them now while he was in a deplorable state. The fishes were wanted to thank him immensely for saving their life, but they couldn’t find a right time to shake hands with him. Theirs wasn’t an exaggerating feeling than the Trout’s humongous suffering. The Katla took a deep breath, which was still a daunting task for her, and gathered all the miraculous power to save her own life. Her body heaved up and thrust forward as she had closed her eyes. She had fallen now, but where? She didn’t know. She thought she had fallen in the sticky smell of saliva under the Shark’s thick tongue again. No, Katla you made it this time, congratulations! What an effort to jump like an athlete. Her heart tossed up and down and tears spurt through her both eyes on knowing that she had made it. No, it wasn’t done yet Katla. You have to come out of this giant mouth, to see and hug your hubby. C’mon get up now. She did. She could smell the Trout was very close to her. Her heart jumped in the pool of happiness mercifully, oh what a tremendous feeling it was to see him again. Her joy was limitless and overflowing. She knew the wreaking creature was about to die. Not a single cell stirred inside in the Shark now. But if he had closed his mouth, that’s it, her struggle would have no meaning. She was ready to combat again. She tried to sneak out of his mouth, but she was struck between the sharp and pudgy teeth again, oh God it created a tear in her stomach again. It formed a blister. But it was fine because it was not gouged deep to hurt her little fishes. She tried to come out again. This time her head poked out first. Her eyes scanned around the place to see her husband. She was sure he was there, waiting desperately to meet her. Oh God, he was here, right there in front of me. He must be a good and honest and merciful husband to save me after giving him so many troubles because of my useless wit and blaming character. Oh how lovely to see him again, waiting to embrace me. You my humble partner, do you forgive a dumb girl like me? Yes, you do.

“Katla, slowly. Don’t hurt your stomach, climb out slowly,” the Trout said. His eyes were shedding lots of tears now. He didn’t want to measure it.

She pushed hard this time. The mouth of the Shark was about to close. If Katla stayed a few more seconds inside the mouth, she damn had to give up her life for sure. She squeezed her body through the thin hole, she felt like her bones were crushing. Her caudal fin was throbbing at the back. The Trout came close to her and anxiously waited for her arrival like a mother would worry about her child’s birth during delivery. He was brushing her face, he felt like kissing her, but it wasn’t the time to do this. He couldn’t rest a second, agitation cooked up in his eyes, his heart pulsating like a blow on the anvil. It was thudding and skidding. Here her stomach was shown a bit. Yes, it was coming closer to her freedom. But it wasn’t yet finished. She was wriggling through the narrow space. You could see the Shark’s eyes were closed now, he was dead, but he was still panting like an old man. Maybe it was acting as if he wanted to attack them again in ambush. Who knows what was in the Shark’s mind.

“Deeeaaaaaaaar,” the Katla was trying to say, but her words weren’t audible. It fell like the words had been distraught and fragile and skinless. The Trout knew she was calling him, oh how good it was to hear such words from her. My dear wife come out very fast, I couldn’t able to see the wreaking pain you are carrying through now.

“Yeah, sweetheart, just like that. Hmm, slid down, you made it, yes,” the Trout said. The audience fishes were peering at her now. They had caught the same fever the Trout had these many hours. All were shrouded around Katla like angels had come to meet a fascinating person and to bless her. Oh what a moment it was.

“I am coming……” that’s all Katla can muster to say now. She pushed hard now as muttered his name. Oh God, she plopped into the water, she couldn’t see anyone because her eyes were dizzying and whirling. She had lost some blood as she drew out of the Shark’s big canine teeth which tore the back of her body. But she was going to be all right. When she got into the water she felt like she had returned back to her finest shelter. She can breathe now without difficulty, but still she couldn’t able to swim efficiently. The Trout had helped her to paddle. The Shark was dead and falling down to the bottom of the river. The water smelled of blood now. It was like a furious battle ground, blood shed was everywhere.

The fishes which were saved by the Trout were relieved, even though they felt bad for what had happened to Katla. But they didn’t want to disturb them anymore by staying close to them now. They wanted to give them freedom, so they left from the place.

After few minutes, Katla felt calmness and deep serenity in her soul, as she had opened her eyes and had seen the Trout. Her mouth quivered while she looked at him, she couldn’t speak a word. She thought he would beat her for behaving like an idiot, but he didn’t. Instead, he embraced her and kissed her all over her face and body.

“Never leave me alone dear,” the Trout said. “I can’t live without you a second.”

A tear jumped out of her left eye as she looked at him cheerfully but with guilty heart, “I am sorry my dear hubby. I don’t let you suffer anymore. I have given you more troubles than you would have imagined,” she said with a touch of smile. Her face was pale after these adventurous events, but her charisma hadn’t left her at all. She was still a beautiful queen to him.

“I feared you were chewed by the Shark, thank God you are alive,” he said, took a deep breath.

“I won’t leave you to live a peaceful life my murky husband,” she said softly, but in a sweetened voice. They looked at each other, beaming.

“This is why I love you dear. The wittiness plus the glamour you have is exceptional. I think I am very lucky to get such a wonderful life partner,” he said. There was a concern and caring in his brisk but calm voice. He had meant it. He knew it was the moment to show all that he had in his heart. He hadn’t said these things earlier, but it was the right time to pour his love on her. Now only he understood that it doesn’t matter how much you love your partner, but you should always reveal all the glory to the person concerned time and again. Then only they can know that there is a person who there to take care of them all the time. It was the kind of healthy malt which definitely need for them to run their life smoothly without much friction and clamour. That doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be any trivial fights in between them, but care must be taken. Enjoy the life selflessly, but at the same time carefully. Oh how many days it had taken him to learn such harmonious lessons. He found the freedom in his heart now. Now he knew how to live an enchanting and amorous and elevating life.

They started kissing passionately.


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