Karthick Hemabushanam

Romance Tragedy Thriller


Karthick Hemabushanam

Romance Tragedy Thriller

Nobody Can Kill Me

Nobody Can Kill Me

11 mins

“I said I don’t want. You got my point?” Ravinder said to Divya.


“Divya, are you listening to me?” Ravinder threw his hands up, took a shallow breath.

Divya shook her head as tightened her lips, “Yea I do. Okay, it’s up to you. I can’t force anybody beyond this limit.”

“Hey c’mon, don’t make it a big deal.”

“Of course it is. Have you anytime heard such a stern statement from the government to take a shot? I think you don’t know the importance of taking a vaccine.” Divya wants to convince her boyfriend, though he was adamant about his baseless decision.

“No Divya. The government never understand the problems of the common people. They give orders by sitting in an AC room. Should I consider everything they try to push on us? I think we should have some common sense to find the truth behind it,” Ravinder said in an alarming sense of voice.

“What are you talking about?” Divya almost shouted.

“I mean, a co-morbidity patient has to take the shot. Not the guy who is living strong like me,” he showed the muscle on his right arm boastfully.

“Don’t you ever heard a news that even a healthy guy died after Covid-19 infection, because of his/her negligence to wear a mask or not following the social distance as guided by the ICMR,” Divya pointed?

“Yea maybe one out of a thousand. But definitely, I’m not going to die for sure.”

Divya didn’t want to preach to him but expected him to understand how much she loves him. She will never want to hear that he got infected and put into an awkward situation that he needed oxygen support to live.

Oh God, can you talk to him and make him understand my concerns about him, Divya thought.

Ravinder came close to her and hugged and gave a kiss on her cheek and said, “You look beautiful today.”

Divya pushed him aside, “Don’t touch me if you have decided not to listen to my words.”

“Don’t be adamant Divi. Everything will be all right. Kiss me back,” he asked in a cosy tone.

“No, you can’t touch me if you don’t agree with me,” she said.

“Fine, I’ll take a shot.”

Divya and Ravinder started living together for four years now. Divya had done BE in mechanical engineering in a Govt engineering college, and become a software engineer by destiny. She didn’t have any regret. Like all, she fell in love. When she was studying the second year, the final year computer science guy Yogesh proposed to her. He was not a topper and he wasn’t a famous guy on the college campus either. Divya was such an adorable girl, everyone in the college knew how cute she was and how the boys followed her to take her hand. But she had always been simple and helping nature. One day, the blood bank donation camp happened in the college. She did not give blood though she was actively involved in this event. After seeing her classmates donated the blood, she too decided to donate. But Divya always had the fear of seeing blood, even she refuses to go into the hospital because she had to see the suffering of others. She is very sensitive towards it. But that day some tragedy took place, the ece final year student and cs final year student fought in the college hostel for a girl. But the fight broke in a bad shape, as the ece guy had beaten the cs guy with a stump in hand. The cs guy threw some abusive remarks on him and on hearing this, ece guy headed to push the stump in his stomach, but the cs guy moved aside and it arched into Yogesh, who came there to see what’s going on. That punctured into his rib and the blood gushed out of his body. Suddenly the warden along with other students lifted him to the blood donation camp, was few doctors and nurses on the visit. Yogesh had lost consciousness before he was brought there.

“Oh God, what’s happened?” the nurse, a fat lady cried.

“One of the students mistakenly pierced a stump into his rib,” the warden said.

“Gosh, that’s really horrible,” the doctor said and, “he has lost so much blood. Can you guys stay outside, please don’t make noise.”

After few minutes the doctor came out and asked, “Is there anybody O-ve here. We don’t have stock for this right now. Please see if you can save the boy by donating the blood.”

The students had turned to look at each other, the professor Joyal discussed with them and said, “Guys, have you heard what the doctor says. C’mon save one of your friends by sharing your blood. Boys and girls……”

A shiver went past Divya’s spine as she understood the grave situation. But what will happen to me if I give the blood. Will I die? Am I that strong to let others suck my blood? Oh God, why you don’t give me the strength to save a friend of ours.

Students stayed silent and nobody answered because it was rare blood to offer.

I hate myself if I stand here even for one second after seeing the gravity of the situation.

“Yes I can,” Divya responded meekly.

“Are you sure, Divya? You are O -ve group?”

“Yes sir.”

“But,” her friend Malavika said, “She is fearful to donate the blood. Even when I asked her in the morning she refused to donate.”

Professor Joyal knew her well. But he didn’t want to force her and make her life miserable. He wanted to let her decide.

“Sir, we are running out of time. The guy is really in a bad shape. If he doesn’t get the blood, sorry we have to lose him.” The doctor said to the professor.

Immediately Divya stepped forward and asked the doctor to take her blood. She had closed her eyes all the while she gave blood to Yogesh. She didn’t even see his face, though he was lying next to her. After two hours, Divya came out, there was little dizziness, but she was okay. After two hours, Yogesh opened his eyes, and the first person he wants to meet was Divya. She went to see him, he thanked her. Love silently entered her heart as days went on and they both started loving each other. Yogesh got placed in a top IT company and moved to Pune, but Divya had to stay in Chennai. She didn’t get a job when she finished college, even though she was a topper. She attended many interviews but the luck didn’t go her way. Her parents asked her if she was okay to see the marriage proposals coming on her way. But she said no to them. She had strongly believed that she will marry Yogesh after his parents accept her. After a year, Yogesh got an onsite opportunity and went to the US and settled down in Seattle. Divya didn’t get calls from him as frequently he did earlier, the relationship got deteriorated. After few months, he stopped talking to her completely and changed his mobile number, and didn’t even respond to her calls.

Divya after trying to reach him badly through social websites and emails, there was no reply from him. At some point in time, she decided to stop it. She suffered so much inside, she wanted someone to understand her feelings and nurture her. She never revealed this matter to her parents even when they asked her if she loves anyone. They were ready to accept it, but she was devastated that she got no response from Yogesh. One day when the PM announced the thousand and five hundred rupee notes no more valid and asked the people to return their money to the bank and get an exchange with the new currency notes, she went to the bank and stood in a long queue that too she wasn’t feeling good. Unexpectedly, a young fellow asked her to take a rest after seeing she had a bad cold. She thanked him. When the queue inched to the counter, she joined again and exchanged money for fifteen thousand rupees, her first month's salary after joining a small software company.

“Take good rest,” Ravinder said.

“That’s okay, I’ll take care,” Divya smiled.

“Don’t you have brothers to come and do this activity? I mean this is such a long queue, why you came alone with bad health, hah?”

“Yea, but my parents were gone to relative’s marriage to Rajasthan. They will come the day after tomorrow only. I need money badly now. To answer your question yes I don’t have brothers.”

“Ho, that’s fine. Don’t take me wrong. I just felt you are missing someone very badly it seems. I mean I have noticed while you were sitting there tiredly refusing to see what’s going on here,” he said. He knew it would have hurt her, but felt like asking it.

Divya didn’t answer. She shoved her face aside, “I gotta go.” She kicked her scooty.

He stood by her and said in a meek voice, “Sorry for that. If anything you want to tell, you can call this number.” He gave his visiting card to her.

The bike started and she raced in it. He thought she wouldn’t accept it. But after going a few inches away, she stopped her bike and took it, “Bye.”

“Only fourteen days to go for my delivery,” Divya said, holding his boyfriend’s hand.

“Don’t you regret that we still didn’t marry each other?”

Divya mused for a second and said, “I do. But you said when your parents agree we can marry."

“Do you still believe they agree?”

She lied on his forearm, “Yes dear. Won’t you? I talked to your sister yesterday and she said your father is talking about your marriage and all.”

“He talks, but you know he asks me to marry his sister’s daughter Regina, who is studying B.com second year now. That too I have to wait for one more year to let her finish her degree.”

Divya punched at his chest, “Hey, you mean you are ready to get marry her? I’ll kill you if you have any desire like that.”

“Just kidding. Don’t worry I won’t leave you and our kid,” he said and kissed her.

At midnight she got labour pains, Ravinder immediately called an ambulance and pulled her into hospital. Everything had gone well. She gave birth to twins at 4 o’clock. He was very happy and immediately messaged her friends and they wished him in return. But his mother didn’t reply. His father called and wished him.

“Can I put a wedding ring to you?” Ravinder said to her, Divya was lying in the hospital bed. The twins were put onto the cradle.

Divya smiled and showed her ring finger. Ravinder took a small box from his shirt pocket and opened it.

“You are adorable than this diamond ring, my dear,” Ravinder said and put it into her finger.

The boundless happiness sprung to her eyes. She cried happy tears.

“I’m so happy today,” Divya said and kissed on his forehead.

Divya moved to her parent’s house, as someone should take care of her. Ravinder did stay in his flat, and often goes to see his kids despite there was a restriction due to pandemic.

“I got a good appraisal this time,” he said to her over the phone, “I can take care of our kids well.”

“I know. Have you had dinner yet?”

“I have to prepare rava kichadi. There is some tomato ketchup for a toss,” he coughed into the phone.

“Are you all right, baby?”

“I’m fine Divi. Don’t worry.”

“Take care, my dear.” She said and hung the phone.

In the morning he had a fever and didn’t even feel like moving his limbs. Still, he got ready for the office. His manager had asked him to take a rest if he wanted. But Ravinder said it’s just a normal fever due to cold and showed interest to continue his work.

“It’s up to you,” the manager said.

He continued going to the office for the next three days, despite cough and body ache. He even felt the smell of the food was gone. The fever always shot up even though he took the pills. He didn’t even have gone to the hospital for a check-up. Divya continuously asked him to go get the covid-19 test, but he denied her request and said “I’ll be all right in a couple of days. There is nothing wrong with me. I’m damn sure I am not infected by Covid-19.”

After four days, he felt difficulty in breathing. He suffocated in the room. He can’t even move his fingers. He felt all his energy lost. He knew it was something he can’t handle anymore and wanted to tell his wife Divya. But at the last second, decided not to put her into an uncomfortable situation and called to his manager who in turn called one of his colleagues and enquired for the covid-19 centres and sought an admission to him who had difficulty in breathing.

An ambulance rushed to his flat and picked him up with the oxygen support. He was immediately moved to the ICU ward as his condition was worsening. The doctors took care of him. It took four hours for a senior doctor to come out and speak about the patient’s condition.

“Who’s the patient’s relative?” the senior doctor said.

“I’m his mother, doctor. Please tell me how he is doing. Is everything all right?”

“Sorry, it’s too late,” the doctor announced.

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