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Life Happened In The Waiting Room(Part II)

Life Happened In The Waiting Room(Part II)

3 mins

Amid applause from the audience as I made my way to the stage to collect my award, my painting was unveiled at the stage. My painting was placed next to me when I received that award on the stage, for other’s it was a mere sketch, but for me, it was my angel watching and sharing my success. I narrated the incident to the audience, how I met my angel and that small incident changed my perspective towards life, which gave a new dimension to my artwork.

Sometimes silence leaves behind a strong impact than words, though I did not get the chance to talk to my angel, yet she gave me a new definition of life. Life gives you a ray of hope in any form, you just need to cling on to it.

The event was a success, as it came to an end, things were getting wrapped up, the auditorium was empty, I got an opportunity to give company to my angel who was on the stage, probably waiting for me to celebrate success.

As I stood near to my angel looking at her, all I could say was I miss you so much angel, I wish you were here to share my success, I wish I could convey thank you for coming in my life and giving me the much-deserved shake my life required. As tears rolled down my eyes, I remembered tears play a funny role in our lives, even at a happy occasion, they find their path through the eyes.

My Chachu says pretty girls like you and me should not cry, it takes away their charm, this voice seemed familiar to me. As I turned back to look the source of the voice, there stood my angel stood dressed in a pink frock, shining as usual. I rushed towards her to give a warm hug, it seemed life has again allowed me to celebrate my success with the reason for my success.

There were so many questions I had for her, so many things I wanted to tell her this time again I was interrupted but with a male voice behind me “Oh, so you are the Princess of my niece, she has been obsessed and talking about how wonderful you are for the past few years.”

As I turned back to look towards the voice, I was startled to see none other than the famous industrialist Veer Singhania standing in front of me, their company was sponsors of the event.

Before I could say anything to him, my angel said “Chachu, I told you na my princess is very pretty, you better marry her before anyone else does, she would be the best Chachi I can ask for", she winked at him.

Veer smiled at Pari and asked me, "if it's ok with you, Can I ask you to accompany me and Pari for dinner tonight? It seems you two also have a lot to catch up and I would love to be part of this reunion.

Not a day had gone by when she did not mention and talk about you from the day of your small meet, and it was just a coincidence that yesterday while browsing on my laptop she actually saw your piece of artwork and we both were excited and looking forward meeting you today."

"Come on Princess I mean Aahana Di, I have so much to talk to you and I am hungry also, can we go now and celebrate your success?"

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