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Siddhartha Tripathy

Abstract Romance Inspirational


Siddhartha Tripathy

Abstract Romance Inspirational

Letter To My Love

Letter To My Love

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Siddhartha Sankar Tripathy,

Assistant Engineer,

Gumma, Gajapati

"Letter to my Love"

I don't know what is that feeling that makes my eyes watery today.

Everyone is there by my side today, still, I'm missing someone badly.

When u r saying that "I feel lonely" It just like someone beating my heart and I feel helpless.

When you are saying that 'life is very unfair to me' at that time I cant understand my role in your life And got totally blanked that how could I console you.

when you say such words I think my love gets worthless my words get valueless I feel empty.

My mind got reason out, What should be those soothing words that could make you feel good can remove your pain...

But I really feel bad today when I'm saying you that till now there is not a single time when I got the ability to remove your pain every time I tried but I failed... Because emotionally you are so strong.

Yes, I agree You have suffered a lot not suffered but still suffering and Still there are so many things happening that hurt you a lot.

But if you want to be happy then there are so many ways to be.

From the day u have made a space in my heart I've always tried my best to make you happy to see a smile on your face.

Yes sometimes knowingly Or Unknowingly my activities also hurt you a lot.

It wrecks you It breaks you But believes me, My love, the same thing also happened with me at that time.

I know it is better than the future is full of uncertainty still Every time I think about my future I don't know but it seems horrible. It's not possible to be without you.

In a day of 24hrs I don't think even there would be a single second when u r not there in my mind. I miss u in so many ways. I miss u... I trust u... I love you so much...

The time I spend with you is really precious for me. It's totally impossible to erase all those from my mind...

When your warm breath hit my face feeling pleasant in your thoughts. I felt like staying in your warm hug forever and ever.

You changed my life dramatically. The journey was really good from a Parents Toy to a fearless, brave, unconditional lover was really Amazing.

Today I can't promise u but definitely, I'll try my best to be always with u both Physically and mentally.

I've never aimed for big things, but I aim for small things which hold a great treasure to my life.

I wish to spend most of my time with you.  Wanna share all those secrets, all my problems all my sorrows with you...

At times of solitude, I want to hold your arms feel your warmth...

The world is so scary without you...

One thing always motivates me is that if God has gifted me you then he must have a plan for the next step also.

Good night my cute Babyy...

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