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Caroline Fernandes

Horror Tragedy Thriller


Caroline Fernandes

Horror Tragedy Thriller



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Never knew a left turn could change everything!

I always pass the same lane everyday to go to my work place,

but that day I was so engrossed in my phone that I took a Left turn instead of heading Straight.

A few minutes later I realized I was heading back home from a different route. I started getting more tensed, since I had an important meeting to attend as well as the deadline for the presentation was today it self.

I thought to myself ,"I was on my way to work, why am I going home?"

I looked around, but that busy lane, seemed empty, with no Hawkers as well!

I thought I was dreaming, when one child came up to me and said, " I can't find my Toy, can You help me search for it and broke down".

I calmed the child and told him he will get his toy, but I am getting late to work and cannot help him find it. But the child was adamant and said Please search with me, We will find it.

I gave in. A few seconds later, the child said, I think I know, where I dropped it. I was relieved.

I told him, let's go there and get it.

But to my surprise, the child brought me back to my place, my home.

With absolute astonishment I asked him, Child did you drop it here, and with a bright smile he said Yes.

I asked him to wait right here,while I get back his toy. With an happy nod, the child waited back. 

A few minutes later, an Elderly lady walked up to me and asked , what was I doing outside my house, and I explained to her the ordeal, but without missing a beat, she said There's no child here, dear!

Panicked I turned back, and yes the child wasn't there. Leaving everything, I went to search for the child, and as I was looking for the child, my phone buzzed. I ignored the first call, but it kept on ringing and then finally I received the call. There was 2 minutes silence from both both ends.

Getting no response from the other end, I decided to cut the call, because my first motive was to search the child. 

As I was about to cut the call, I heard someone sobbing bitterly from the other side. I finally spoke up and asked who's this? HE IS DEAD, came the response from the other side. I thought someone was playing a prank on me, and yes why would I not think that, this call was from an unknown number. 


I guess the person might have read my mind and said, "DO NOT CUT THE CALL, THIS IS NOT A PRANK CALL". This time I forgot that I was looking for the child and asked the caller, what are you saying, who is dead?

Building up courage she said, "the HOD has left us, he is not with us anymore".

I still couldn't get what she was trying to say, so I asked her to tell it in detail. 

She spoke up and said, The entire family met with an accident, and died on the spot.

I went numb for a few seconds, and couldn't stop myself from crying and without thinking I cut the call. 

The office remained closed for 2 days.

A week later, when everything came to normal (not completely , during the break we colleagues were discussing about the recent news and that's when I narrated the incident to them. 

Then one of them suddenly showed the family picture and my eyes went on that small boy. And I told them he was the same boy who had come to me to ask for help, for searching his toy . But they said, it's not possible, you might have seen someone else. 

My eyes, won't lie, but I didn't argue with them further. I came back to my cabin and started thinking the entire context again.

But I wasn't coming to an conclusion of why, it had to be me.

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