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Nishtha Jain

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Journey To Become A Leader

Journey To Become A Leader

2 mins

The passion to become a leader is always inside us since kindergarden. In those times we used to try to be perfect so that we could become the monitor of the class.

And this continued from there to school, then in college and perhaps it will continue for the rest of life.. One thing that changed during all these times as we grew, was we got more opportunities to become leader.

Today people think there are some specific qualities you need to become a leader, well that's true. As a person you can be different but being a leader needs patience, needs listening skills and many more.

In my life till now, I must have become a leader many a times, may be as a monitor of class, or may be as vice-president of clubs, and many more.

And experiencing all these, I have learned so much and has gained a new identity as a leader.

People now know me through my work, they trust me and confide in me for work as a leader.

I believe that my team members must be one who are happy working with me and have less burden on them.

They should be free to work, and yes they can speak to me anytime. Because I am there to listen to them.

When you turn your team into your family, I guess that makes you eventually a better leader. Hence I can conclude myself as a happy go lucky - a bit strict leader.

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