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Venkatesh R

Abstract Inspirational


Venkatesh R

Abstract Inspirational

Joker inspired By Graham bell

Joker inspired By Graham bell

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Chapter 1 Being a Joker

After completing his education, Rajesh struggled a lot for his job. He learned that life was not easy.

Some of their relatives were well placed in society and were running a successful business, but none were ready to help Rajesh and his family, when he sought help from others, all he faced was rejection and humiliation.

He used to wait in queue for more than four hours a day in the scorching sun. 

Rajesh was technically sound but when he got into the job market,

he came to know about the importance of soft skills.

In every interview, he clears the technical rounds and breaks in the HR interviews.

At one stage of life, he decided to do a Call Center, BPO, Nightshift data entry job as there was a lot of pressure on him.

He was glad that he got an Interview call for Call Center job.

He knows that he can't make a future with it, but he accepted it. He researched the company and made the efforts to speak in front of the mirror.

After enough preparation, he attended the interview.   

The interviewer came into the room after an hour of delay.

The interviewer glanced through the resume.

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself.

Rajesh started well all sudden he became blank.

Interviewer: Stared at him and said don't waste my time. 

We don't want dumb people.

Rajesh was about to cry, but he kept his emotions in control.

Rajesh: Thank you! sir for sharing your time.

The interviewer did not care. 

He continued staring at the computer.

Rajesh left the place with humiliation.

Back at home, Rajesh was crumbling on family pressure and responsibilities.

Rajesh analyzed what went wrong. He had attended almost 34 interviews and was bogged down because of his communications. 

He put in a lot of effort in his communication, but one can't master it in a day.

He started watching movies with subtitles, started listening to the BBC news channels, moreover he started speaking in front of the mirror, and read out the papers aloud.

He used the technology, he recorded his voice, regularly and listened to it by playing back.

As he chiseled himself, he got an opportunity in a small company as a trainee. 

It was an ERP company, and they were seeking Oracle and MS SQL experts with a background in Firefox from school, he was able to learn the MS SQL.

Rajesh was not from a computer science background, but he tried to learn things from library books and online courses.

Though the road towards the software field was a nightmare, his efforts got rewarded. 

Day and Night, he worked hard to learn the technology, and Finally, 

he got a call from a leading software company.

He barely made the preparations.

Many things went against him, as he prepared, his system got crashed, and with half-hearted, he attended the off-campus drive. 

He was able to clear the aptitude test and attended the HR round.

Rajesh was trembling with fear, but he realized that it was his last opportunity he gained control of his body language and spoke with confidence in his broken English.

Finally, Rajesh got an offer letter with a decent package after two weeks.

Chapter 2 Pestering Question

Rajesh was successful in a career, but his childhood memories were disturbing him a lot.

He used to get painful dreams of his past.

Rajesh entered the home, seeking fun and comfort. 

Mom was cooking, His favorite meal;

Both were prepared to enjoy the sunset. 

The ring at the door, he dropped his toy.

His face becomes white. He hid lest he becomes prey.

They encountered a ferocity beast. 

He spoke with rage, which the Rajesh couldn’t understand.

The discussion got heated, and he slapped the mom. 

Abusing was his father's regular job, but Rajesh never understood

Why his mom got beaten! 

He cried the entire scene by being a spectator.

He used to beat the beast, with his tender hands hoping to save her.

The event gets over, and the beast takes a rest after a feast.

The boy wiped mom’s tears. 

Mom kissed him and proceeded into the kitchen.

Why mom bears whole pain?

Rajesh was a victim of abuse and got bullied in school. 

Domestic violence and abuse have become a common term in today's world. 

Things get seen from the gender perspective but not from a child's perspective. 

Rajesh had a lot of responsibility as a brother, and so he focused on his education as a nerd. He made a successful professional and personal life, though he wanted to do something for kids who are suffering from DV.

He did research and found the answer Why moms bear all the pain?

He was into a different field, but he wanted to contribute something to the kids.

He read a lot of documents, saw documentary films but no one was there to guide him or directed him.

With the presence of twitter, he was able to connect with the people of similar interests and passion and happened to connect to one of his childhood friends Shwetha. 

With the help of Shwetha, he was able to get connected to Research lectures and Students on Sociology.

He started spreading his thoughts through Twitter sessions which were conducted by NGO.

He got an opportunity to participate in Challenge Beyond the Arm Chair, which was created to address, the Act against violence by REF. 

He did detailed research and came up with an article. 

He submitted the same to the REF, an organization founded by a UN volunteer.

He got appreciation from his fellow participants.

Rajesh won the first prize beyond that he rediscovered himself.

Moreover, he had an opportunity to contribute to the betterment of the future generation.

Chapter 3 Being a leader

People began to migrate from villages.

The agricultural fields got dried due to severe drought. 

Farmers were committing suicide due to the lack of yields and debts.

The schools were there in the village, but due to lack of maintenance, the school buildings were falling apart, and kids stopped attending it.

Rajesh was concerned about his people, though he was from an Engineering background. He learned a lot from his friends and college mates from other departments.

He learned about drip irrigation that is useful for areas suffering from droughts and started exploring on others. 

He formed a Facebook group Change Makers.

Students from various backgrounds shared their knowledge to make a change to society.

It got promoted with a word of spread from students within his college.

A challenge gets posted, and students came up with a suggestion.

The Engineers designed horizontal turbines, where the water levels were low in the river stream.

They used it to generate electricity and a coating of cow dung in rooms acted as an insulator. 

Bamboos with minute holes pinched throughout it got buried in various places in the village and sides of the road. It helped in retaining the groundwaters during the heavy rainfall.

Gravels and broken rocks in the lake beds reduced the evaporation in summer and retained water.

They used a set of plants and formed a moving purifier on the black waters, where the roots of the plants, fed on the contaminated water. The only maintenance was to replace the plants, and the plastic base packed with a net.

The botany and zoologist students worked mutually and discovered the insects that attack the crops and the predators for those insects.

The predator insects reduced the cost and colony of a lot of chemical fertilizers.

They collaborated with a radio channel, where the tips were given by the professors and scientists, from various organizations it gave a chance, for the farmers to discuss their concern issues.

The farmers from villages who won the drought successfully got a chance to share their experiences with others.

With a small investment, they purchased a set of vacuum packaging machines.

The farmers from villages who won the drought successfully got a chance to share their experiences with others.

With a small investment, they purchased a set of vacuum packaging machines.

It helped the farmers to pack and sell the products to the market by increasing the shelf life to an extent.

The MBA students used an opportunity to market. They came up with a business plan and shared it with their Dean and retailer client.

A small market got set up within their campus by partnering with the retailer, as part of the initiative by eliminating the middle brokers.


The College staff and students purchased the groceries and the vegetables from the market much below the market price. The part of the profit amount got used for the development of more such villages.

The group got the sponsors for the program, and students from B. ED conducted a Skype-based education.

The recorded sessions from the alumni students and lectures helped the students to study at their own pace.

The humanity students narrated the importance of knowing their rights, by sharing the Saahas App designed for gender safety.

Occasionally during their NSS camp on peace and security, by referring to the REF team’s freely available contents.

The student organization conducted the SmartPhone donation program.

The donated working smartphones, they uploaded the course contents developed by the media. Media students produced content for the government syllabus with YouTube licensed videos.

They addressed the medical issues, by training volunteers from the village with the help of students, who were pursuing the nurse and MBBS. It subdued serious wounds with delayed medical attention, as the first aid saved much life.

With mechanical engineers working together, they designed a flexible van where they could change the seats into an ambulance, and the same could be used for the transportation of vegetables as well.

Rajesh got a chance to share his thoughts in Engg climate-grp, where various senior experts played the role of critics, and some of his proposals, though were theoretical it were able to move to the semi-final stages and it got collaborated with other nominations.

All the innovations received the patent. The group became popular.

The students gained knowledge and started producing, entrepreneurs whereas the group retained in focus in keeping the innovations alive in colleges.

The village once which was deteriorating, renamed as inventor’s village.

Chapter 4 Facing the hurdles.

Rajesh dealt with the trauma by using his passion as a weapon. 

He fought depression and won situations with hard work.

We often get bogged down with the situations and people, but both don't have control over our response, they are just a pass by clouds. 

Be persistent and believe in yourself, even if the loved ones don't.

Expect less from others, and one need not treat the people the way they treat you as we are not same.

Please don't underestimate the power of communication,

many kingdoms have perished because of it.

Success and failures are part of life. Each situation teaches us a lesson and always be a student when it comes to life.

It's said 

"If you are good at something, don't do it for free."


"if you are new in something do it for free, 

it may not pay you in currency, but it does pay you in confidence."

With proper analytical reasoning and a network of passionate people, everything is impossible.

No idea is small it just needs to be addressed to the right team. 

One need not be an expert to make a change.

With dedication and passion, one will learn.

Collaborate and exchange thoughts to make an impact.

Finally, don't fear to be unique in a world of replicas.

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