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It's Story Time

It's Story Time

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At times, we need to ruminate our good old childhood memories, because they not only rejuvenate us but also teach us certain lessons. I remember the day as if it were yesterday, before dozing off to sleep my brother and I would be read out a few stories. The intonation my mother would produce while reading often aroused greater enthusiasm. Her voice and narration transported us into a world of fantasy, from which we would never want to return. That was one last activity of the day we admired and adored never knowing when sleep overpowered us. 

 Perhaps I emulated my mother and practised the same with a reversal of roles, when I started reading out stories to my little one. The difference lay in the fact that I heard stories in my own mother tongue while I read them out to my son in English. With career-oriented women on the rise, this story time is dwindling away or must I say it has become obsolete. It is understandable that working women are now getting worn out by the time they reach homes and so are their children. But, my sincere request to all mothers is to cull out a little of their precious time and cater it to reading stories to their little ones at bedtime. This will create wonders ---

* The rapport that will be built during this interval will persist lifelong.

* Children will be psychologically strengthened through the physical touch of their mothers.

* That may even become the time when they may open up about their day's activities -- thus providing an opportunity for the mothers to solve their little problems. 

* Some stories may relate to their own lives, thus driving home a lesson.

* Their vocabulary, thought process and communication skills will get stronger. 

* Some may cultivate the habit of reading books, which is a good hobby, because a book is always a good friend.

* Spark your child's imagination and stimulate curiosity, you never know, you may be creating a writer. 

* Story time will definitely take away children from TV, mobiles and other electronic gadgets which do more harm than good.

*Good stories will inculcate values, ethics and shape them to become loving and compassionate without which we are barely human.

It has often been observed that parents who cultivate the habit of reading books have their children follow suit. I give credit to my mother, when my son often tells me, "Thanks mom, it is you who have cultivated the habit of reading books within me." In a world dominated and driven by technology let us recreate the ancient art of story telling. In the name of modern connectivity, let us not get disconnected. Let us pledge, to stick on to at least a few of our age old roots, so that we can lead better lives. Talking to our children is sometimes, the only therapy that they need. We can never put a monetary value on emotional solace

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