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Romance Fantasy


vinod kumar Reddy

Romance Fantasy

It's a Romance Story

It's a Romance Story

2 mins

It's a romance story. A story about a man and woman.

      It's about a man who was in love with a girl for a long time, but the girl decides to leave. So the man decides to propose to her before she leaves. " I love you so much, don't leave, stay with me. "like this he wants to confess her. But he couldn't even tell her because she is in love with someone else.

However, it was too hard to give her up. she was his everything. he couldn't live without her. But he couldn't confess his love to her either because he was afraid he would lose her forever if he did.

So, instead he accepts the pain. loving someone doesn't always mean happiness.

However, in the end, he decides to do the manly thing and let her go.

Like good music, like a good story, a story can move a person's soul, it can heal a broken heart.

To forget her, he goes on a long trip.

On the way, he is hit by a storm and he finds himself stranded on an island.

The island is full of unique fruits and many buried treasures . it's treasure Island.

He then meets a female coast guard who comes to save him. they fall in love.

At the end of the story, the man realizes how unpredictable and profound life is.

One sided Love.

     Love is heartbreaking when the feeling isn't returned. Not having your feelings returned could be most because that person never looks your way, your heart could be covered in cuts and bruises. But when you finally meet someone who loves you for who you are and whispers love in your ears, you will one day be grateful for the love that was never returned. . .

Hope you guys enjoyed it. . .

Signing off

Do you think someone would actually die over something like that?

Please let me know this???

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