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Increment: Myth Or Farce

Increment: Myth Or Farce

3 mins

Loads of books piled up on the table, with some notebooks & pencils haphazardly scattered all over. In between that dump-yard of all knowledge, scratching head to find some way to fresh air with an expression of a prisoner, like dungeon-ed and denied of even a bit of sunlight.

With all his might he tries to grab all possible hypocritical words, that have been told to enlighten him rather becomes rhetorical. Still, he pursues and somehow, some remains before getting rotten are verified by some “COMPANY” and are the first time that makes him believe, that his enlightenment has been identified. This is it…………… on one hand it marks the beginning of dwelling in false faith and on the other, closing that last door which could have taken him face to face with truth and reality!!!!!!!!!!!!

I might sound very cynical or glum, but that is the fact of some subsistence. After joining a company on the very first day you become a “RESOURCE” from being someone’s son/ daughter. And, this term lives with you as long as you remain like one in the industry behaving the same, inexactness with attributes of a resource.

You need to be accustomed able, flexible, productive, give returns for all investments done on you, but with no biological intelligence to find reasons behind one and everything.

Ssshhhhh……….don’t tell this to anyone outside, it is a strict company policy. Abiding by it, may or may not give you benefits, but being transient will ensure your discomfort in all forms.

So whatever be the situation, stick to the company policy, and people will see you lead a life with panache.

Yes, you beg not to differ from those policies, and make every effort to religiously follow them.

You are “ALMOST” assured of all possible name, fame, and even made to daydream of some kind of meteoric rise against all hard efforts if you give………..

So you start slogging each day (even almost all nights). Forget the day of your anniversary, your wife’s, son’s/ daughter’s birthdays. Yes but you never miss the birthday of any of your colleagues (and will never have your own not celebrated).

You have your brother’s/ sister’s marriage and you are the last one to reach the party.

You miss a date with the doctor, for your parents (but still they forgive you).

You get to see your son/ daughter grow horizontally only (of course you see them only in their sleep).

All through the year, you walk in hypnotism with a mirage of appraisal and increment at the end of the year. It is always like the rabbit running after the carrot tied to its own head and alluring in front of its eyes.

At last, the big day comes, building up all the hype. The news has to come out but, not without the very essential prelude to it, the company starts with the much-anticipated declaration commenting on the quandary of the market situation, and its own situation. You try to delve into the announcements, to comprehend their thoughts with your own figments.

With all the drama unfolding and your pulse racing up and down with each positive and negative anticipation. This period of anticipation makes you pass through a mental roller coaster.

At last, the news breaks out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After some long silence, you gather yourself and your composure and bring all the senses back together to re-verify the news……….

Increment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah, the word is there to hear for ………. but where is the meaning of that word??????? has the word any implementation in your life ??????

It has become a farce at the end and was a myth at the very beginning behind which you ran throughout one whole year…………………..

SO,…………… No one can be reverend for you and your gains that you make in life….

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