Dinakar Reddy

Abstract Horror Thriller


Dinakar Reddy

Abstract Horror Thriller

I smell ashes..

I smell ashes..

1 min

Virat! Now you said a poem about nightlife. People are talking to each other in groups as it is lunch break.

His colleague asked as everyone is discussing the lavish nightlife they have experienced in this cosmopolitan city.

Everyone is looking at him and cheering.

Virat started reciting the poem.

Late in the night,

When owls are on duty,

Waking up people like me,

Who fears everything,

I sit on the roof,

Removing the dirt in my nails,

I listen to the sounds of solitude,

And smelling the fresh ashes,

From the graveyard near to the apartment.

After listening to it, most of his colleagues silently moved to their seats. Some felt fear. Some felt nothing. But, a few were imagining themselves in Virat's poem.

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