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Drama Tragedy Action



Drama Tragedy Action

I never got what I wanted... Chapter 7

I never got what I wanted... Chapter 7

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Hi! So, the chapter is here.!


Someone called Matthew.


Matthew: Come to the point. 

Sm1: I have... wait, make sure the phone isn't on speaker.

Matthew: Ok.

Matthew's phone was not on speaker and since he is smart he dragged Lucas into his room, locked it and put the phone on speaker. Lucas was about to say something when Matthew held his mouth and shushed him.

Matthew: Okay, I'm in the basement.

Sm1: Good. So, I have..... the secret that Lucas is living with you and Anna. (smirking)

Matthew (scared a bit): So?

Sm1: I can disclose it. But I won't, I just want 1..I mean, 2..... (someone speaking in between) (sm1 to sm2) SHUT UP I AM THINKING. Uhm, 30 million dollars. Yes.

Matthew: What? What proof do we have that you won't disclose it?

Sm1: Smart boy-

Matthew (cutting him): EXCUSE ME??? I'M OFFENDED. I'M NOT A BOY, I'M A MAN.

Sm1: Ye- Wait! Wait. YOU ARE HERE WITH SOMEONE ELSE. You said, "we" !?!?!?!

Matthew: ...............

Sm1: Ugh, THE LINE GOT CUT. I'll call again.

Call Ended.

Lucas: OMG.

Matthew: Brother, call the cops! 

Lucas: No. It's dange-


Lucas: Okay.

Lucas called the cops and they came. Suddenly, Matthew got the call again.

Matthew (kept on speaker): Yes?

Sm1: Till where did you hear?

Matthew: Actually, my servants were fighting, so I could only hear everything till the secret. I was speaking but I couldn't hear very properly.

Sm1: Fine. I have the secret that Lucas left his parents to live with you. I mean, you can't get arrested for that, but his parents can come!! And about Anna, you know. So, we want 30- actually 100 Million dollars! So we want this for not disclosing your secrets.

The cops heard all of the conversation and the recorder was on.

Matthew (fake scared voice): shall....... w...e .... mee....t?

Sm1: ---------------------------- (address)

Matthew: Okay.

Matthew cuts the call.

Cop1: Okay, we will come with you.

Matthew: (Smirking) Don't you dare get corrupted. You know what happened with Anna, you led the case that time too. 

Cop1&3: Ok...ay.


All cops: Yes. Yes sir!

Matthew (polite voice): Thank you, you may leave now.

Cops left.

Lucas jumped on Matthew.


Matthew was about to reply when he saw someone coming inside the garden through the tree. He jerked off Lucas and Lucas noticed the man too. They stood still. Matthew and Lucas saw the man was looking at them through the window and trying to hear what they are saying.

Matthew: That's what happened brother. I had to tell you even if I didn't want to. Please don't take any action

Lucas: (understood the drama): Okay.

Lucas punched Matthew hard on his stomach without the man noticing. Matthew had tears in his eyes. Lucas signalled to him that he punched him so that he gets tears and Matthew understood. He turned around and started pacing here and there. The man smirked and left. This made sure that the man thought Matthew was scared by the call and also, it was the man who called him.

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