Abha Soni

Drama Tragedy Crime


Abha Soni

Drama Tragedy Crime

I am powerful !

I am powerful !

3 mins

India is a country where goddesses are prayed and we also celebrate big festivals like "Navratri" to please goddesses. Sanya is from West Bengal but she moved to another city with her husband, they are living peacefully and happily, they also had one boy. Sanya and her sister ayat both married in the same place. Sanya's sister married to her husband ( Rahul) brother. Rahul's brother was a reputed doctor. Sanya's inlaws were also pleasant personality. They cared and loved Sanya as her daughter.So everything is going well but suddenly one day her sister died. Ayat's husband killed her.

That day Sanya felt heartbroken, she lost her sister. She felt miserable. Ayat had 4 children . Three girls and two boys. Sanya used to teach at school. As the time went she become well. But her fate had something else for her. One day she came to knew that her husband met with a car accident and now he also left her. This time Sanya broked again, she bitterly cried and felt that now no one is for her in this world. The face which had smile always now had lost it. The pleasantness turned into rudeness. Life was seeming meaningless.

Sanya thought what will she do now? God had already taken everything from her. Where she will go. How she will take care of her child and her sisters child too?

But she had this responsibility, she can't cry. Her love and care for her children made her strong. She didn't gave up, still she gained the strength even in that condition. She stands for herself and even more than that she stands for her children who need her. Still her in-laws was so good humans they never made Sanya feel bad for her. They stand with her like her strength pillar. 

As Sanya belongs to middle class family so they had to work hard to survive. Sanya  went through many struggles. Her mother in law's used to make jute bags for selling in market. She used to teach at school to children.

Sanya became like coconut rude from outside but had a golden heart inside. She knew that if she had to survive in this world she needs to be strong and courageous. 

Instead of all misfortunes, she never makes excuses but do efforts. She never compromised on her children's education because after this incident she realized the power of education. She could make her survival and ensure her children studies because she was educated and was able to teach children. What if she don't had this skill? Education helps her in making her life little easy. She used to manage everything for her children whatever they need. 

She used to wake up early at 4am and get ready, make breakfast at sharp 7am she went to school. She wanted her children to be independent not only her boy but also her girl child. She wants them to be free. 

Her children were also very hardworking and studious, by seeing their family and mother condition they also put their best, every one of them was a straight-A student in school. They worked their head to toe to make their own and their mother life better. 

Ayat's children used to miss their mother. They wished that if possible so god give her back. They feel a big void in their lives without their mother.

Sanya's boy was a brilliant student in science and he was very curious about this world. He had many times get praises for his better work in science. 

All hardwork and struggle of Sanya's bore fruits. Her boy got admitted into va reputed college. And ayat's daughter became a CA. And other are also making their journey their best. Now Sanya feels proud of her children and living a peaceful life.

Sanya is brave and very strong lady. She stood up with courage and gave her example that what can a woman be and do.

Moral -: Never give up. 

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