Abha Soni

Drama Romance Fantasy


Abha Soni

Drama Romance Fantasy

The First Meet.!

The First Meet.!

5 mins

So the story begins on 4 January, Bella was trying on her dress for college while listening to songs and scrolling Instagram. And suddenly a message came. She updates the story of her bestie in the story with herself. So that person whose follow request she accepted just by thinking that he is from her college and also she learnt before coming college about the growing network so only with this sole purpose of growing network she accepted, he started a conversation through story reply, that "it's not great! ".And she read it suddenly what came to her mind out of blue she replied " it's none of your business". 

Then the conversation continued they know each other and every first-day question when you meet strangers! Like your branch? Your class? Where are you from? Etc... But here is something on the first day this man asked - like the conversation begin with as the girl was a part of the group but now she left that so she used to go to the canteen and that guy also saw her and her group. Those people are a total of 5 including a girl and leaving girl both pairs were a couple...

The guy asked her -" do you have a bf?" She knew that he was trying to flirt! But she doesn't want what happened to her! She was liking to talk to him. But in her mind was clear that she is only just talking for talking or only for being friends. Actually, it was the vibe that comes from the person or nature or you call it the first impression as it said in the first 7 sec people will create an image of you called as the first impression. And that is what happened to her too.

The guy was talking very politely and genuinely. She replied no I don't have! Cause the girl has no bf in past. But it's not about bf or gf! It's about feeling or friendship bond. And they become friends.

Then after some days gone, he invited her to meet her offline in college, she also think to meet him coz she was curious to know to whom she was talking? As he didn't have a profile pic on Instagram. And before this, she never gave her WhatsApp number to anyone but this time she gave it. The kind of faith she had in him on the first day. Yaa! it's very rare to trust anyone at first and one should never do even if intuition says to believe. But she was clear that she is going only as a friend.

Then the first meet. That was the cutest meeting. They decided to meet in the library for lunch at sharp 1:00 pm. They planned it the day before but the girl felt nervous and she was fearing to trust someone whom she don't know in real. That was so nervous feeling. Then the next day they again planned she can't deny him not meeting.

 Then the time came he messaged her to come but she was again nervous and said no she wasn't coming. 

Then he replied okay fine. Then she went to the library with the excuse of finding a book. Then she searched for the book and messaged him cause she wanted to meet him. And then she passed by him she thought if he was that. But she thought she is a misunderstanding. 

Then she went again to search for the book. She doesn't want to let others know about it. That she was searching for a boy as she doesn't like someone to judge her. So she wanted to go it peacefully. And then as she was again passing by he wave his hand that yes it was him. She was shocked that really it is that person. Because of their personality at that time he maintained was like a brilliant intelligent students. Basically smart and senior. 

He told her before that he had given NDA exam, and now it was his interview on 12 Jan. And the next day he had to leave for the train. That's he was maintaining documents. They talked. He offer her lunch but she denied it. And how those 30 minutes fly they don't know. 

And the day ends. She felt amazing about meeting with that person. The person didn't judge her. She was actually insecure before the meeting because she had no friends in college and she was struggling with being alone and judged so she thought he will also judge her and break their friendship. But he didn't do that, he was such a nice person. He makes her feel that she is something beyond judgement. 

That day they chat about the meeting and it's good and bad. Then suddenly the guy proposed to her. That he liked her. The girl actually got mixed feelings and she clearly replied "No". Then they stopped talking. Also, she blocked him that day. But in that one night she felt she also begin to like him . And she too wanted to experience something new and different. She wanted to try a relationship. Also, he makes her feel like a queen. He is a real man. And then they talked. 

After this incident man had to leave for an interview, and he went. That night on his train he only talk with her. Telling about his day what happened etc...Then they slept at 12. But the person is like he texted her at 3 am. The bond is beginning to be stronger day by day.

Hint: they have 7 months together now and the bond is stronger and more beautiful the man loves her like no one else. The girl loves him so at first she was scared to show her feelings but with time she also begins to express her feelings for him. 

Both are beautiful souls and love each other unconditionally. God bless both.

To be continued...............

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