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Francesca Villardi Treadmill Treats


How I manifested my life

How I manifested my life

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I manifested my life

The other day as I was driving home listening to Lionel Richie, it brought me back to a place years ago when I would be sitting in the car with my ex husband while he went on and on and on....for the millionth time about his "muscles" or his animals, his two favorite subjects.

I would zone out and dream about the day I would be free. I would dream about the house I would be living in. Even down to what it would look like. I would go through each room and envision the furniture, the art on the wall, the knick knacks placed around it.

I would imagine coming home and the feeling of being free, the peace and joy I would feel of being on my own with my girls.

I imagined parties with friends, bbq's, people dancing and laughing, the house filled with love.

It was so real in my mind, I was actually there. So real, it could make me cry with happiness. Yes, I could see it, feel it, touch it as if it was real. Every night I would dream about it, when I meditated, it was there I went to, it consumed my every thought. I didn't know how or when but I knew as sure as I knew how to breathe that this was going to happen.

I remember being so desperate that I went to a card reader and she told me I was going to stay in this horrible marriage for 4 more years. I remember yelling at her "4 more years are you nuts! I can't survive 4 more years!"

But later on at the end of the divorce I found her tape, I listened to it and thought back, it was exactly four years. It took that long for everything to fall into place but I never gave up hope. It was on God's time and not mine but I never let go of the dream.

Even on the nights I cried myself to sleep, even when I didn't think I could go on one more day. Even when it seemed like this was never going to happen, I still held on to my dream, I still knew it was coming. I never gave up.

I also manifested this business, I saw myself working in my own business doing something I loved to do, being my own boss, paying my own bills, taking care of my girls. Did I know how it was going to happen? No, it didn't matter, it only mattered that I believed it would come to pass.

All these years later as I walk into my home, that I own. Coming home from a business I built from nothing, knowing all my bills are paid by me, I am glad I didn't give up on my dreams. Walking in and seeing just what I imagined so long ago, a beautiful home filled with peace, joy and laughter, makes me believe that anything is possible.

To know that me and my girls are happy and taken care of, to know that I manifested this amazing life that I wished for, hoped for, envisioned, is the life I am living today, it makes me cry with gratitude for all of this, I have today.

So today my friends, remember anything is possible, anything! You can envision the life you want, you can make it come to pass, you can do it...if you just believe.

Now for the next chapter of my life...a New York Times bestselling book, an international blog and a women of faith tour...yes if you're going to manifest a life, dream big!!

"Be the change you want to see"



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