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Palak Bisht

Crime Drama Inspirational


Palak Bisht

Crime Drama Inspirational

Homosexuality-LOVE Or DISORDER

Homosexuality-LOVE Or DISORDER

5 mins 18.8K 5 mins 18.8K

Ritwik and Darshan, a couple who planned to suicide. Stressed because of the society and their obligations. Rejected by everyone, accepted by none. Who decided to not accept the fate, but to go against the destiny by not fighting but by ending. Ending their lives to dust, wishing to meet each other in next lives, one as girl and other as boy.

Ritwik after taking the last shot of the whiskey, fully drunk, standing on the railing of terrace, shouted his heart out, "I am tired of this taboo, Daashu... Lets die. Lets die together in a way that they live in guilt. They all should curse themselves for not letting us live together. Hypocrites should learn a lesson. Let's teach them. No other gay couple should die after this . We should, we must become the gay romeo-juliet in the modern world."

Darshan holding Ritwik's t-shirt from his back, from both his hands, scared that he doesn't slip, spoke, "niche utar, kahi aur chalte hai (step down and lets go somewhere else)." Ritwik, completely ignoring Darshan's word, was busy in murmuring things. Darshan continued to hold him tighter and raised voice, "My dad will kill me if some neighbour told him about us drinking here at this time in his house."

Ritwik giggled and stepped down and dragged Darshan closer with his neck. There was barely any distance between their faces now. And Ritwik uttered, "This is yours house too BRO . You will be the only heir after Sia is married." Ritwik's voice dropped with this and he fainted in Darshan's arm.

Darshan's with a sigh looked at him and supported him towards the room that was on the same rooftop. And made him to lay on bed. His forearm was beneath the head of Ritwik now. While he was sliding it off, he bend a little toward him and whispered in his ear, "I am not your BRO, hero."

After a moment Darshan's mother came upstairs. She saw Darshan, sitting in the corner of terrace, drinking bear. She looked in his eyes. They were shining out of tears. He was not really drunk. But deeply broken. She sat next to him. And said, "Things are never really messed up until you get tired and choose to quit. You and Ritwik are really brave for confronting who you are and for confessing this thing to your parents. These guts are barely found. Many quit before reaching this far. Now When you are about to win why you both are choosing to back out?"

Darshan with his filled eyes looked toward her mom with a question on his face, heartsick and wondered he asked gently, "Are you asking us to run away mom?"

She kept stone on her heart and moved her hand on his cheek gently and said "Yes, if that's the road to your happiness."

"NO." He strongly denied and continued, " Ritwik is never gonna agree upon it, neither do I. We cant leave our parents in grief for our happiness. You made me this big, now when its my time to be with you, when you guys are letting old, when its my turn to feed you and fulfil your needs, how can I run away, this is not solution at all. In fact there is no solution. To be erased from the world is best we can do."

She thought for a while before beginning "Umm, why don't you find a lesbian pair, who are dealing with same situation like you and get married and live together? "

"Do you mean in same house? Never gonna happen."

"Not same house but may be on the same floor but in different apartments, where you guys can see each other and spend time together daily."

"What if dad started expecting kids?"

"Umm, Test tube babies are normal these days, I heard. Haven't you?" She asked with a smile and raised eyebrows. She kept her hand on his head and said, "Think about it" and then left.

Sia, Darshan's sister was meanwhile hiding on the stairs and listening to her mother. She followed her mom downstairs to her room and locked the door as she entered, and asked, " Why you did this?"

"What?" Her mother gave a amazed look, like she had no idea what Sia was talking about .

"Mom, all that story tale that you advised bhaiya is never gonna happen in real life, its unrealistic and nearly impossible."

"I don't want my son to die because of the crime that people think he did. Even if people call he has disorder, I know he is innocent and normal. He is just in love with same gender, and I don't find it wrong. I want him to live. The advice I gave him might be foolish but not impossible to become true. That's my son and I will not choose bad for him." She grabbed Sia's hand and took her out of the room and continued, "I just gave him a hope to live and and a hope that he can be happy. I am his mother, stay out of it. And don't dare to have a word about it to your father." she finished speaking as she slammed the door on her face.

It was hard for Sia to understand what her mother did, but all of the above he could never think of his brother dying because of orthodox people around, so she decided to take her mother's side and not to get involved.

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