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His Reply Letter To Me

His Reply Letter To Me

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His text.

Hey, long time. Actually really long. Was just thinking about you, having a black coffee.
No, I still hate black coffee, I just had no milk in the house!

I just caught a glimpse of you, how you used to hold your cup and argue with me on 'bitter coffee is classy'. I always disagreed, but I guess bitter coffee is always classier than lost bitter relations.

I had never felt the need of a shoulder to cry on all this time,
Until you were away.
And now I feel lifeless, like the coffee mug, which seemed lively with the touch of your lips.

It has been really quite long since I had last seen you. Probably my birthday was the last time, and that was the last time I had smiled and laughed from my heart too. Yes, I didn't try seeing you again: until I saw you at the bus stop, one day while I was on my bike. I didn't want to take eyes off from you. I wanted to go upto you for a casual 'hi', but then I remembered, probably there was nothing 'casual' left between us. I sped as fast as I could before my urge became uncontrollable.

And I gave you the best gift on our first valentine's day. BREAK UP. Yes, I heard you crying when I pretended the network wasn't clear and I disconnected.

It was my fault, I had been blind to your tears.
I typed a sorry so many times, just couldn't hit the send button,
And I really don't know this would reach you or not.
I knew you would cut off all relations from me, you would wake up by my thoughts and cry yourself to sleep, yet wouldn't check on me. I know you are weak at some point, however hard you try not showing it and you would forgive me if I asked for; but you won't forget the scar I stabbed on your heart. I don't complain. After all what I did. Its better you hate me forever, okay.


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