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His Head On Her Shoulder

His Head On Her Shoulder

7 mins

"Here, we welcome the batch of 2019," said the Principal, and the assembly began. 

It was the first day of college. All the freshers were excited and the melodious choir and college band had already set the stage on fire. Girls and boys were asked to stand separately. All the students were tapping their feet and clapping their hands to the beats of the music. The weather was really pleasant and it started to drizzle. Every single person was loving this aura until it started to rain. All the students started rushing towards the shed. This was the first time when Sara and Sahil saw each other.

Unfortunately, it kept raining for too long and the students were asked to move to their classes. Since it was the first day of college, students of all three streams were seated in one big classroom for ice-breaking session. The session began. People couldn't take their eyes off Sara, the first girl to give her introduction. Sara was a tall and outspoken girl who was excellent in academics and loved to perform on stage. she was a PCM student. The next person to introduce himself was Sahil, the tall and really cheerful guy. He was into sports and fitness. He was a Commerce student. Even while introducing himself, Sahil couldn't take his eyes off Sara. He knew it was love at first sight. Finally, the ice-breaking session was over and now it was the time for some games and activities. All the students were divided into groups and Sahil's luck was on fleek. He was sorted in the group that was headed by Sara. Their group won every single game and activity. All the students were pretty exhausted by now and it was break time.

Sahil gathered all his courage and went to talk to Sara, she was already surrounded by a lot of people as everybody wished to talk to her. He managed his way towards the seat next to hers and sat there. He sat stunned and astonished looking at her interacting effortlessly with the crowd. Soon, she asked everybody to give her some space as she was really exhausted but Sahil didn't move an inch and sat next to her. She didn't pay much heed and started sipping on some water. Sahil initiated the conversation as he was already a part of her group and she knew him. The break was about to get over and he asked her if they could be friends. She passed a broad smile and said ''of course yes''. Again the activities began and they both talked a lot to each other while performing all the activities. All the activities were over and it was the time for dispersal. 

Sahil quickly grabbed his bag and ran towards Sara. He again started a vague conversation as they both walked towards the college exit. He asked her where she lived in the hope of dropping her home but unfortunately, she stayed really far while he resided near the college. They both reached the gate and he said "Can we exchange contact numbers ?" She agreed and they exchanged contact numbers and left for their homes. The next day, they met again and hanged around together during breaks. Soon after, they became really good friends and Sahil was hunting for an opportunity to confess his feelings to Sara.

Time flew and now it was about 2 months that they had been sharing a really good bond. He couldn't resist anymore and he confessed his feelings to her. She was quite surprised and she said ''No, I'm sorry but I can't reciprocate these feelings right now, we should stay as friends only." He felt heartbroken but still tried to maintain a healthy friendship with her. He passed fake smiles and acted weird. Sara noticed every minute change in his behavior that others couldn't. She couldn't digest the fact that her presence and company would matter so much to a guy whom she had known for barely 2 months. This was the time when Sara started to build a soft corner for him in her heart. Almost a year passed but his feelings for her didn't change. By now he had the clue that Sara also felt something for him. So he took chances and proposed her again and this time she said "Yes." He was on cloud nine and they both were in a relationship. They started going for movies and coffee after college and were madly in love with each other.

Soon, they both became Heads of the Cultural events organizing committee and started organizing events for their college. It was the time for the yearly fest that was held at a venue located at a distance of about 180 km from their college. It was 5 in the morning and all the students were all prepped up for the event. Sara looked at the prettiest with subtle makeup and open hair. Sahil looked no less than a prince charming in that formal attire. The buses were boarded and waved off. It was a 3-hour journey. Luckily, there were no separate buses for boys and girls but they also had professors on board. Sara and Sahil sat together while their friends teased them. Almost everybody dozed off except these two. They both held each other's hands and talked until they reached the venue.

"We call upon our event organizers Sara and Sahil to set the ramp on fire with a ramp walk," said the event host.

As they both started to walk, the heel of Sara's stiletto broke off. She didn't panic, she instead removed both the stilettos and walked confidently. Once again Sahil fell for her admiring personality. The crowd was left awestruck and cheered at the top of their voices.

The fest was a success and they both were appreciated by everyone as it was organized by both of them. It was really late and dark when the fest ended. All the students boarded the buses and as expected Sara and Sahil were seated together. Everybody was exhausted and fell asleep. Sahil laid HIS HEAD ON HER SHOULDER and slept. She couldn't be any happier. She held him by his hand every time the bus took a jerk. It was all well and good until somebody took their picture and sent it to Sara's parents. It was around 2 in the night when they reached their college. They all headed back to their homes. 

A week passed but Sara wasn't seen in college after the fest. People tried to reach out to her but they couldn't. Her phone was switched off and Sahil was really stressed and tensed. He was having sleepless nights. It was another week and Sara finally came to college. She did not have that spark in her eyes and she didn't even talk to anybody. Sahil came rushing towards her while she sat on her seat in her classroom. She burst into tears. He couldn't see her crying. He held her hand and spoke twenty to the dozen. She broke the silence and said "Somebody clicked our picture on the bus and sent it to my parents and now they know about our relationship. They asked me to break up with you or else they'll discontinue my studies". Sahil burst into tears. They both felt helpless. All they could do at that moment was look into each other's teary eyes. They said nothing to each other. After this traumatic incident, She became a really quiet girl. She even left the Cultural events organizing committee and so did Sahil. Although they saw each other every day they never talked.

Another two years passed, She was announced as the college topper from PCM and to everyone's surprise, Sahil was announced as the topper from Commerce. They met for the one last time on the college farewell and said nothing but 'Goodbye'. That was the last time they met. Sara moved to the US while Sahil moved to Dubai. They stay updated about each other's whereabouts with the help of mutual friends.

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