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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Heart Invader

Heart Invader

2 mins 1.9K 2 mins 1.9K

Love at first sight! Instant connect! Eyes locked and something feathery going around in the pit of the stomach……all concurred up to the ‘Butterfly Effect’!

A comfortable, perceivable love story yet one that turns your insides into mush.

A social message beautifully woven which subconsciously finds a place in the reader’s mind creating acceptance and opening doors for career focused young girls marrying not so young widowed men.

Also the hero’s mother refreshingly not being the big bad wolf is the epitome of graciousness and susceptibility still being prevalent in today’s metros.

The central characters, Madhav Dewan – a suave, rich Greek God but widowed with a little boy boasting of an extremely smart, savvy, kindhearted and fair mother who dotes on her grandson.

Radhika Kapoor, a pretty young thing with her head firmly in place, also happens to teach at Madhav’sson’s Montessori.

The book beautifully balances the love story with some unpredictable twists which keep the excitement going.

Madhav’s son is a quiet, lonely little boy who seems a bit lost after his mother’s demise. Radhika’s sensitive handling of him slowly unfurls the joyous little boy locked inside. The little boy, a solitary reaper, blossoms under Radhika’s guidance and is the perfect excuse for senior Mrs. Dewan’s intrusion into the young teacher’s life.

The relationship between Madhav and his late wife is not the usual emotional thing.

All in all a fluttering of emotions all through the way!

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