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Sujata Dash

Drama Inspirational


Sujata Dash

Drama Inspirational

He Lives For Others

He Lives For Others

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He was there for me always.

He is there with me when I need him.

He will always be there -that is his promise.

He has just completed eighty five years. He defies all weak character traits in the dictionary that we ascribe to old age. Full of life he is. He stands erect and is blissfully away from the clutch of crutches. He stands tall with his virtues like truthfulness and helping nature.

My mom says -he is like a coconut with a tough exterior but has a tender heart.

As I mellow with age,I realize and value these things. In my youth I used to revolt against such behavior. He would often be at beck and call of others. He would be the first person to arrive with physical and monetary help when there is a mishap. He must have attended more than a hundred cremations. There is a long list of such virtues.

This particular incident left an indelible imprint on my life's journey. After completing my post graduation,I was on the lookout for a job. I got many offers but did not find them suitable. My father was then an additional commissioner and recruitment for the post of assistant in their department was to ensue. I applied. My application along with supporting credentials was handed over to him. After a lapse of a fortnight,I inquired about the call letter. To my utter surprise he coolly said-"It is over dear. "

"Dad, do you think my qualifications were enough for a call letter for an interview?"

He came closer,made me sit on his lap and gently spoke-"Your application was rejected. "

"Rejected?On what ground? Did they look for commerce graduates only?"

"No dear. Any matriculate would have sufficed and the board was unanimous in deciding. "

 "There were five vacancies and we have selected all from lower income groups. All these are brilliant students. They had to wind up their dreams due to poverty. They badly need the jobs. "

"But,you were heading the recruitment. You could have pushed my application through. I was not asking for undue favor,how could you do this to your daughter?I am unemployed till now. "

"My child!You are qualified. You have aptitude and support of all of us. You will definitely come out with flying colors. Just wait for your turn. Have patience. "-He said with a composed smile.

My mom was standing near me,wiping my tears with her pallu.

"Dear daughter!Your dad has been a man of principles. Many times I had to curb my desire to go for something expensive,as the budget goes upside down by his unannounced charity plans.

Initially, it pained,causing wrath. But when I see that smile of satisfaction gracing his demeanor,I feel proud and forget my greed. After all, need should precede. "

I got a job in a public sector bank after a lapse of three months from the incident.

I proved my mettle. Helping others remained one of my focused areas. My contemplation take me down nostalgic trails often after my superannuation. This particular incident was a lesson in learning and taught me hand holding and patience-as I look back and internalise.

After all -my dad was right in not selecting me for, I was meant for another sky. . . a bigger one.

I was meant to soar high. He was a visionary and I was a sloth,just full of myself.

I am no longer selfish-thanks to him.

#My dad-my hero.

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