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Shamayita Ray



Shamayita Ray


Happily Thanking You

Happily Thanking You

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I felt like myself scattered hither thither. Life was, as if, a huge sinking ship, 'Titanic'. My soul craving for a long vacation from all the vexing emotional teasing amounted to insurmountable physical stress to achieve the prize of relief from its eternally nonunderstanding oppressors. Oppressors with mines of experience in being oppressed, overcoming them, gaining a good social position, and bargaining it as benevolent services to the public for retaining the status, stature, and rank, passing it as a family inheritance.

Oppressing me to make my people pay up, who, sometimes happily team up with these energetic looters for bravado and leadership powers. Or else, they can get those who gang up to make us pay up. Using age-old extortion methods on relatives because of one's uselessness.

When not satisfied, they form long chains of pseudo informers filling in invalid, or at least, misleading knowledge at places, about how our little education and jobs can mar their incomings.

To save their hard-earned bargains, people who earned it, oppress us who have nothing to do with their belongings, high or low or constant be the speed of their earnings coming in.

Things worsened during the trying times when holding on to whatever little we had become a vague matter. Spouses being spiked with thoughts of further insecurities of their family, financial and social standing.

Mistrust fumes in our minds. We hamper each other's regular ways of life, be it work, belongings, hobbies, or habits.

We desperately try to find and get back that nominal Sense of Peace that is inherently normal to all our daily lives. I tried to find numerous ingenious methods, cooking, tutoring my child in different ways, doing chores using old methods of broom and cloth wipes, forgoing even the use of mops, hand washing, and drying clothes letting the washing machine rest. Even reading out classic stories, 'Peter Pan', 'Treasure Island', 'Heidi', Ruskin Bond's beautiful nature narrations did not help the situation. Neither did loads of downloads and preventive medicine of all sorts accumulation.

Frustrations swelled up to such an extent that my ever discontent mind started finding faults with little children amounting to punishing them, sometimes severely.

I realized this needed to STOP.

One fine evening, as I reluctantly discussed these developments in me with my family, they casually suggested Yoga under good supervision, as a remedy, if I am interested to try it out.

Like, I did for cooking recipes, I started surfing again for some genuine online Yoga trainers for my restless body and mind. I found this internationally recommended site. I must confess, I practiced Yoga from time to time, without ever paying attention to what were its effects or why should we at all practice 'The Art'. It was, as if, a playtime activity for me, some fun stuff.

However, this time I was curious to find out the therapeutic effects of Yoga. So, I started with the training sessions. They claimed the activities included in all their sessions were scientific methods, most belonging to the line of scientific studies of Physiology, Psychology, and Ayurveda.

After one year and three months, I am a very irregular practitioner of Yoga. I will not claim my life became totally peaceful, unnecessary thoughts gone, unnecessary accounting of people's behavior towards me gone, I gave up all my erratic behavior. However, I will claim, I have developed a tendency of judging myself, my actions, and my activities instead of all those that belong to others. I am sure, if people are acquainted with the words ' self-judgment, which many truly civilized people are, would value and praise my takeaways from those Yoga sessions I had undertaken.

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