Happiest Moment Of Life....

Happiest Moment Of Life....

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She was looking beautiful in light green frock suit with dupatta on her head. She was observing herself turning left and right in front of the dressing table.

"Looking pretty as always." he verified her observation.

"Arrey! when did you come?" She asked.

"15 minutes ago." he smiled and came close to her. He was staring her last 15 minutes.

He took out money from his pocket, its your eidi(money gifted on festival of eid). Yes it was their first Eid after marriage. 

"Shukriya." she smiled. They both hugged wishing EID MUBARAK.

"Only hug is not enough. You have to kiss me." He held her from waist.

"What are you doing? what if someone sees us like this?" she tried to losen his grip.

"Let them see. Its not a big issue." We are married.

"Mummy! You? here ?" She said shockingly. 

He removed his hands within a second and managed to act as nothing. She laughed, standing near the door. He saw no one was there. It was only a plan to make them fool. He tried to catch her again but she ran away showing him funny face.

He smiled on his stupidity and on her cute giggle also. These cute and lovely moments with your better half are enough as a source of happiness.

And one more day of love and happiness was added to the album of their life.

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