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Suraj Dhunde

Horror Crime Thriller


Suraj Dhunde

Horror Crime Thriller

Guilt Part One

Guilt Part One

1 min 149 1 min 149

First time in 20 years

It's just happened, I thought

It would be destiny who decided

Our meeting plan,

On that day neither she nor i 

Thought what's going to happen.

On that day I was just wondering

Here and there with my bestie


Suddenly, it started raining so we take

Shelter in the nearby cafe,

We sat on and ordered some coffee.

I am not an open type so I was

Just looking inside my cellphone,

While saket told that

The girl in red is watching me continuously,

I thought he was kidding and doesn't react,

But after some I realized that he wasn't kidding, it was true she was starring me,

But I ignored,...

After some time she stands out and

Started walking towards me,

My heart was beating laud that

Saket was hearing it clearly,

He said just relax I am with you,

During that time she came closer,

Stand in front of me wisely

And said your eyes are different,

Those are saying that

Your smile is fake, 

You don't have

Happiness nor sadness in your eyes

The thing you have is far way greater

It's the guilt,

The guilt of sin you did.



To be continued,...

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