Suraj Dhunde

Drama Thriller


Suraj Dhunde

Drama Thriller

Guilt - Part 2

Guilt - Part 2

3 mins

Everyone there was starring at me,

like they know everything

like they know my crime.

My heart was pounding at its 

higher rates,

it was feeling like, it was gonna burst.

After that, it just boomed...

Everything was fading away

at a second of time.

The bell rang loud,

Tik Tik Tik Tik...

My eyes opened but there wasn't anything,

not that girl or Saket.

Tik Tik Tik Tik,...

"coming, coming" I replied,

It was Saket at the door. 

"Good morning, brother!"

"What happened, did you have a bad dream again ?" he asked continuously.

"Yes, it happened again

but this time it's different Saket."

"What's different Abhi?" 

"This time the girl in red was different."

"What? Are you sure Abhi?"

"I'm 100% sure, yar.

After all, I am the only one who knows.

But how is this possible Saket?

My mind is taking out.

I can't take it more yar."

"Just listen Abhi, don't think more about it, ok?

Just take your medicine

and be ready, we are heading out

and I am not listening to any of your excuses."

"Ok, Saket just give me 15 minutes,

I will be ready."

After 20 minutes,

I arrived. Saket was talking on the cellphone.

He was talking about some drugs

as usual as he is a psychologist.

"Let's go Saket", "ya Abhi."

"Saket, can you help me in finding keys?

I just can't find it."

"Are you really Abhi? You are getting your memory shorter and shorter day by day.

Here is the key, just lock the door you freak."

"What's happening?

I just can't think..."

"Abhi hurry up yar,

I will miss my date if you don't hurry."

"Ok, just one second yar."

( We just take a ride by car

and arrived at a mall nearby.)

"Abhi, I am here on a date", Saket said.

"So why did bring me here

you moron?"

"Just listen Abhi, Natasha is not coming alone.

She has her bestie Riya with her.

So I thought it will be better if I brought you along.

Come on yar just chill, and don't bother anyone with your wild dream, ok?

Don't say a word about your dream."

"Ok fine, but where is your date?"

"On the 7th floor there is a new cafe,

today is their opening, we are meeting them."

"Ok, as you think."

Tring Tring Tring Tring

"Saket your phone is ringing."

As soon as he picked, "hey Natasha."

"Where are you?"

"I am waiting at the cafe, where are you?"

"Just at the gate."

"Let's take the lift, Abhi."

"As you say."

( The lift took us to the 7th floor)

As soon as I stepped out,

I had some strange feeling.

I asked Saket, "had we never been here before?"

"Abhi, it opened today. Abhi,

how can we be here before?"

"Ok, it would just be my feeling."

"Hey! There is she,

let's join her."

"Hello, Natasha."


Natasha was facing me. When Saket introduced me and her bestie, I was facing her back.

As soon as she turned her face towards me, I got shocked and passed out for a moment.

It was the girl from the dream...



to be continued...

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