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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

God Damn Love

God Damn Love

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I had a bad case of sneezing that morning. When she said she loves me I sneezed on her face and it was slimy. I wanted to die right there. 

She just stood up and ran towards the bathroom without looking and rammed right into the closed door. Now her nose was bleeding. I moved faster than Superman to catch the love of my life. She had tears in her eyes and bleeding red swollen nose. She was crying as I carried her to the collage Infirmary. The infirmary was locked too. It was as If God was enjoying doing this to us. 

She needed a cloth to stop the bleeding her own handkerchief was already soaked in blood. I didn’t carry a handkerchief. I ripped the front of my T-shirt and tried to wipe some blood. At first, she was shocked and reluctant to use it but gave up and held it plug the nose bleed. I Started my Bike. We were on our way to the hospital when my bike broke-down and she went off on an auto-rickshaw without me noticing. I was too busy kicking my bike to start it again and again.

After some time I got a text. It was the address of the hospital she had gone to. I arrived there and saw her face wrapped in bandage with an Iron plate on the nose to keep the broken nose at its place. Afterward, her brother took her home and we didn’t saw each other for two weeks. I knew that talking to her was a bad idea. It also might be too painful for her to talk on the phone. So, I kept texting her.

For some reason, She had stopped replying. After two weeks she came to college and asked me to meet her at the cafeteria. I had a feeling something bad might happen and it did. She had decided to break up. 

It took me two years of constant efforts. She finally decided to date me again. But, I waited till valentines. Eating two cheeseburgers before the proposal was a bad idea. I was nervous, queasy and gassed up. My stomach was swelling like a balloon. The moment I got on my knee to propose all the gas in my stomach got away from me. Suddenly I heard laughter and felt relieved. She was laughing uncontrollably. Saying “You are Such an Idiot, I love you”.

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