Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Vaman Acharya



Vaman Acharya


Menu Helped Sonu

Menu Helped Sonu

3 mins

A day before their marriage engagement, Anurag and Sonu walked into a Prajwal restaurant in Raghavpur town for lunch. Warm welcome was given to them. Sonu was happy to see the beautiful menu. Another attraction was all the waitresses in the hotel were in light blue sarees with the brand name of the hotel and the emblem. Yet another attraction was the melodious old film song, 'aasman se aaya farishta' was playing.

The hotel maintained standard and cleanliness. Sonu noticed something amazing in every food item. Suddenly, the tussle starts between them on who should choose the food items first. It was not a big issue. Anurag wanted to create a scene purposely and divert the attention of other customers towards them. Except for one or two customers, the other customers didn't care for their childish behaviour. When the waitress came and asked,

" Do you have any questions about the menu? If not, place the order."

"Wait just two minutes. You know Anurag is a peculiar person," said Sonu. 

He forcibly snatched the menu from her. Today's special Shreekhand and puri was displayed. The day being a Sunday the hotel was packed with customers. 

Out of curiosity, Sonu told Anurag to select the best among all the dishes in the menu. He was putting his finger on each item. To his dismay, the items mentioned in the menu were not at all liked by him. Sonu was losing patience and insisted him to place the order immediately or leave the hotel. He continued to delay.

She said,

"Anurag, enough is enough. Stop childish play. I am afraid you will continue this childish play even after our marriage."

"Sonu, don't worry. I will give you three minutes to select the best dish."

She said okay and ordered sumptuous and mouth watering items including Shrikhand and Puri. 

Both had a grand lunch. Waitress gave a computerised bill of rupees 1528/- Anurag took out his purse to settle the bill. To his great disappointment, he had just rupees five hundred in the purse. Kavita said she had no purse. His debit card had already expired. The hotel manager suspected him and decided to lodge a complaint with the police. Anurag and Sonu had to cut a very sorry figure. 

At the same time an unknown person cleared their bill and left without introducing himself. Anurag and Sonu, both were surprised and unable to know who he was?

When they came out, they had to face another surprise. Anurag who wanted to marry Sonu found himself was an imposter and posed as an excise inspector. This was his maiden attempt and utterly failed. 

Thanks to the menu, which had helped Kavita and Praveen, the inspector of police, Raghavpur took it as a clue and arrested Anurag, whose real name was Vikram. The hotel bill was cleared by Praveen. Sonu was impressed to see Praveen and expressed her love for him. She also expressed thanks to him. He too loved Sonu. 

Sonu was engaged with Praveen in a simple ceremony.

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