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Last Break Up

Last Break Up

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Love may control our life with great strength. But, love is always driven with small things. Some time we have control over those things some times. We don’t that’s what make love so unpredictable and complicated . For me love is something I can never put in to words. I can give you examples of love everywhere. It’s in God’s blessing, in mother’s food, father’s advice; friends laugh and in lover’s touch. Love is everywhere. But I still can’t explain it. Can I?

Well this little story is not about love. But the end and beginning of love. Love can be quite stupid some time and so simple. It’s really funny that People love to cry over love. When egos in way the cliché line would be there like "something got in my eyes” when people are welling up. And everyone knows what that means. In this story that line made quite a lot of difference than anyone can ever imagine. I still find it bit mysterious. What if God have a hand in all this. What if it’s a sign from God. Which we choose to ignore some time. What if everything happening is for a reason. I start to believe when I heard story from Abhi. Its been 2 years since Abhi and Megha’s marriage. And, how they become a lot closer after a ridiculous encounter. When Abhi told it to me after two drinks at party it sound like this

(Abhi Telling the Story)

Ever since I saw Megha I was mad about her. I have met her on the orientation day of my collage. But, I always felt stupid talking to Megha. No matter what we are talking about. I always felt Megha knows about everything and everyone. It’s not a great feeling. But, the way she used to talk was amazing. Her eyes shining with confidence. when she is on about her favourite history lecture. She was smart and beautiful. Sometimes I don’t believe in my own luck. How could I be so lucky that she said yes to become my girlfriend and then my wife?

On the orientation of the college, we sat together. She wore a red t-shirt and blue jeans. She looked so beautiful. Being from a small town. I was a bit skeptical about talking to a city girl. Like everyone my mother also warned me about city girls. Yes, that’s right I am a mama’s boy

Apparently all the Indian boys are. Well, that’s not the point. We were sitting together. I was so nervous sitting with that hot girl. I was even afraid to look directly at her. She noticed my nervousness and said hello with a beautiful smile.

Her sweet voice just strung guitars in my ears. A feeling of being in love is a wonderful thing. Being a city girl she was very bold confident and broad-minded. I was stunned by her boldness. And still, there are days. when she completely surprises me.

We were in the same trade and in same classes of the course. Which made it really convenient to being with her. We were always together. When we were on campus. Attraction turned to liking and liking became love. I was the inpatient one in both of us. I purposed her during the start of second semester. It was really awkward and confusing. I was not sure if she said yes or not. Because she was standing there laughing at me. I had chose library as a spot to purpose her.

I was sitting in the library. I took her hand. When she was busy reading a physics book. She shot me a stink eye with her big brown eyes. And made a face. Which was so adorable. But didn't slap my hand or try to let go. I try to whisper my feeling.

When a faculty member came and sat near us. I kept whispering my confession. But she was not hearing it. Or, was trying to ignore it.

When I try to say, something louder. Librarian looked at me as he was going to eat me up. The faculty member already heard my confession three times. He patted my back and told me. Take the girl outside and then confess. But, when the faculty member said it. Every one heard. We were both embarrassed and it was really awkward. We came out then into the canteen. I was still holding her hand. When she started to laugh. And won’t stop no matter what. How much I pleaded with my puppy face.

She kept saying "what were you thinking dumb-ass".

I was saying the same thing to me in my mind. But after a few more tries. She finally said yes. And it was really lovely being with her. Looking at her made those hard and boring days quite easy. Megha helped me through all the hard times.

After 6 semester we started to drift apart. And, the reason was as silly as it could be. I thought she doubted everything I did no matter what and she thought I don’t give her enough attention. You know how this work. You won’t answer one phone call one massage. The relationship over and done. It was ridiculous and people haven’t changed much since then have they. But it was a critical matter at that age for us. And the thing which haunted me then. We finally decided to break up.

I had left the college dorm and was living in the city now. So, we met at CCD in the city. We returned our gifts and things. It was so painful no matter what I loved her and she loved me. We just wanted to get it over with and go home. Coffee tasted bad too. When I was paying for the coffee. They told me card payment can’t be done. Because the machine was busted. I didn't let her pay. My ego was too big. And, she didn't insist because she knew me well and didn't want to have a fight. when we were actually parting ways. It was enough painful as it is.

I ran to the ATM nearby. One thing I didn't notice that my shades were dropped. When I was on my way to ATM. I came back and paid for the coffee. We both came out.

I came to my friend’s bike. I saw her standing alone waiting for an Auto Rickshaw. I thought I should at least give a lift to her home one last time. Asked her, if she wanted a lift.

She smiled and hopped on the back seat. I was driving the bike with no helmet on. Windy season and dust was in the air. It was getting hard to drive without my shades. I was squinting my eyes. And after some time, I had teary eyes because of the dust. We stopped at a signal. When a bike standing a little too close. the man on the other bike moved the side mirror of our bike with his elbow. She could see my face now through the side mirror.

When she saw my teary eyes. She started to think. That I was crying. Because we were breaking up. She knew me. I was not a kind of man. Who will get that emotional or cry for that matter? And though she meant really that much to me that I was crying. Which was partly true though. But I was planning to cry after I get home. Yeah, I m the kind who doesn’t like to show an emotional side to people.

After, we crossed the signal. She hugged me from behind. I was thinking she is regretting her decision. But I didn't say anything. After, a while when I felt wetness on my shoulder. I realize she was crying. I didn't want to break up with her in the first place. She was one true beauty only a fool will let her go.

When we reached her house. She won’t come down the bike. She stayed there hugging me from behind even though. we were in front of her house. She is one bold lady I tell ya

But I was happy. Then she said why are you crying. I said, "something got into my eyes". I don't have my shades on. She just assumed I was lying. Apparently everyone says that for her it was such a cliché so it was obvious what she was thinking. But not for me something did get into my eye. I didn't insist on it. then, after an awkward silence, she said

If, you love me that much. That going away makes you cry. Then I will stay by you forever and ever. So that was my first and last break up of my life. And she kept her promise. She stays by my side all this time. And every day I thank my stars for that.

It could have been a different story. If the CCD card machine had been working or if I hadn't lost my shades or man on the signal hadn't elbowed my side mirror. God does works in strange ways. And my love changed completely with some wind and dust in my eyes.

I never told her that. But, I do like to tell the stories to those. Who needs to believe. Me, I was just lucky.

                                        The End

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