Punyasloke Bose

Drama Romance


Punyasloke Bose

Drama Romance

Defying Sunset

Defying Sunset

6 mins

Rahul was cycling hard. He was under severe pressure to meet his deadline. Apart from the schedule given by the client, Rahul set up his own target. This way it was easy to keep commitments, although that meant that he had to drain himself out totally. But in the end in keeping the commitment and seeing the smile on his client's face soothed Rahul 's taut muscles and nerves. Rahul was running a tailoring shop passed on to him by his father. Being a school drop out, Rahul had to work very hard to run his family. When he was in school, he was a good student but when he reached high school his father fell very sick and due to the heavy medical cost of treatment, Rahul had no option but to drop out. Also the family expenses had to be met and the tailoring shop was the only source of income. There were two sisters to be married off. Rahul had to shoulder a lot of responsibility at a very tender age. He hardly enjoyed his teenage years and his twenties was a mountain climb with bare minimum resources.

With his father sick and erratic health conditions the full responsibility of the family was upon Rahul and his mother. His two sisters helped in the household chores till they were married and went to their in law's house. Rahul's mother did a commendable job managing the health of his father apart from managing the house. His father recovered quite a lot till he was finally independent enough to manage his chores without support. The rugged determination of his mother saw Rahul pull through the difficulties. Rahul also inherited the 'never say die' spirit of his mother. From sunrise to late in the night both mother son duo were all hands on deck. They had no time for entertainment and pleasure. Sometimes their sisters visited them and that was an entertaining time for them. Both sisters were happy in their marriage and this gave a lot of solace to the mother son duo. Even the father could rejoice in their happiness.

Rahul had managed to get the order of stitching school dresses for two important public schools with a sizeable number of students. The remuneration was good and Rahul could afford to employ a team of good cutters and tailors. Within a couple of years Rahul was now well established and the past hardships was a distant memory. He was so hard working that he had little time for love and social aberration. In fact he could not find time for building a relationship.

Now a chance meeting with a client he got the contract to make dresses for the actors for films and television cast. The contract was a multi year contract with six figure compensation. Now the whole perspective of Rahul's life was changed. He now turned his company into a limited liability one and appointed a string of professionals to manage the day to day affairs. But Rahul was not skilled enough in the soft skill set that generally goes off with the corporate way of life. Surprisingly though even with all his shortcomings success never alluded him. He now felt sometimes a deep emptiness within and wished for someone who would help him softly, motivating him. Now Rahul had reached his mid thirties. His mother was constantly telling him to think about marriage and companionship.

Then one day Rahul liked the company of a woman. This woman was the one who had inspired him and helped him secure the deal to supply dresses to the film fraternity. First Rahul didn't give much notice. But the soft tone and comforting style of Megha could not be mistaken by Rahul. Megha had liked in fact loved Rahul and his industriousness. But she never could express anything in words due to the very busy ness of Rahul and least attention to distraction. 

All this happened during one client meet. Megha had begun working as a personal assistant to Rahul. There was no formal appointment for the post. It just struck Megha that Rahul needed support for fixing up schedules and appointments and the related soft skills to handle all the issues that go along with it. Also she wanted the proximity to be close to Rahul to be of some assistance to him because she felt he needed her support. There was another reason also. Megha had a tragic past. She had been love betrayed. There had been marriage in her life. She had married her school sweet heart. For two years she had a very happy life. Then she was going to bear her first child when the tragic mishap occurred. Due to a miscarriage her baby died and she had to undergo an abortion. It was a very heart break situation for both Megha and her husband. But this was just the beginning of her troubles. Slowly she began to get alienated from her husband and his family. Then mental trauma began over her and despite all her attempts her marriage was on the dock. Finally very reluctantly she walked out of the marriage with a divorce. As she did not claim any alimony because she knew she was independent and could support herself, the divorce was swift. 

So Megha knew what troubles a marriage can bring and simultaneously she knew how it was an institution of love and with proper care how a marriage can make two souls bloom.

After her separation, Megha had gone to the gynaecologist and had herself checked thoroughly to find any deficiency was there on her part. To her satisfaction she was told that her health was perfect to become a mother and the earlier mishap was just an accident. 

So when Megha came to work with Rahul she was attracted with his simplicity and sincerity. She found how devoid Rahul was of love and his only motivation was work. Even money was not a motivator for Rahul, Megha found not only because he had plenty of it now but he valued business relationship more than just money.

Megha found Rahul the ideal candidate for her love to act upon. She had sometimes told him her tragic past which he had listened to with sincerity and expressed his sorrows only to move on with life the very next moment.

Megha did not feel disappointed, on the contrary she loved his attitude towards life taking everything in a cavalier fashion.

She made up her mind now that slowly she would light the fire of love in Rahul and be patient with him and not hurry it up. Because Megha knew that Rahul would never be attracted to any woman beyond a point and that inroads in to his heart had to be made by the woman who wanted his love. So Megha was patient but resolute at the same time to let know that someone was caring enough for him. Even Rahul's mother had approved of Megha when she had met her at their house.

Megha knew that she was up against an incumbent who could defy sunset and remain free from falling in love. 

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