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Rivalry In Colours

Rivalry In Colours

4 mins

The green colour soothes my mind,' calmly said Ajit taking a long sip from his tea cup. It was evening and it was time for us to assemble at Bhola da 's tea stall. We were discussing about the football match to be played next day in the evening. Ajit was a die hard fan of the club Green Warriors. The color of their jersey was green.' Incidentally, the green colour is my favourite colour from my childhood', continued Ajit.

Rohit who just joined said, 'I, however like and support the red colour which has been my favourite since very long.'

Tomorrow the football match was between the Green Warriors and the Red Mustang. The colour obviously of Red Mustang was red and it was Rohit who loved it.

In the ongoing discussions were two ladies Seema and Annu. They were our friends, and they also enjoyed the evening chatting over a cup of tea. They were very much in love with the game of football. So, they enjoyed the conversation. 

'The preparation for the match is going on at the stadium', Bipin said excitedly, joining the group a bit late.

Though all were good friends but when football matches came friends became frenemies. Ajit would do anything for the colour green likewise Rohit for red. The girls would provoke them more and then there would be fight sometimes ending with fisticuffs.

But strangely the next morning they would again be fast friends as usual and go about their activities together as if nothing had ever happened between them.

On the night of the match there was lot of

excitement. There was much tension also between the supporters of the two teams the reds and the green. Ajit and Rohit did not see each other after the match started. They sat at two opposite ends of the stadium.

The match started and the two teams began their moves according to the plan set by their coaches. The supporters cheered loudly with their throats getting choked not able to shout out too long.

The match progressed like a see saw. At times one team got the better of the other and other time the other.

Normal time passed and no one could score any goal. All the players were too stiff with pressure and forgot to play their natural game. The match went for a tie breaker.

The reds team didn't miss any penalty shot but the greens misfired one. The reds were declared the winners. There was much shouting and cheering from their supporters.

Then someone from the spectators threw a missile in the form of an empty bottle. It hit the goalkeeper of the green team.

The supporters of the green team broke loose and started howling saying that their goalkeeper was forced into injuries. The reds supporters protested. 

All hell broke loose. Police was called to maintain peace. But that was a bit late. Many supporters of both sides were injured in the scuffle. They were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Amidst all this pandonium there was even more chaos and tragedy. Ajit could not bear this loss. He took it as a humiliation. Becoming too emotional he collapsed in his seat in the stadium.

Luckily as he was falling, he was spotted by Seema. She rung up Rohit to come over fast.

Till Rohit came, Ajit was in his senses. But seeing Rohit and thinking of his victory, Ajit couldn't bear any more and lost all consciousness. Rohit being close by checked Ajit before he fell to the ground.

Moving Ajit to the hospital was a gargantuan task with so many people all around. Time was the essence to revive Ajit that both Rohit and Seema, who had accompanied, knew.

In the hospital at the emergency the doctors did their best to revive Ajit. But he was sinking fast. He had had a massive heart attack and doctors put him on observation for the next two days. There was little that medicines could do.

Then Rohit had a wild idea. He with the permission of the doctors brought some recorded sound of victories of Green Warriors earlier games and started playing them in the cabin where Ajit was lying.

The recordings were of the matches that green warriors had won decisively and there had been much song and dance after that.

For half a day the music continued. Then slowly Ajit responded by first moving his hand fingers. By the end of the day, he had opened his eyes.

After two days when all his bodily parts had recovered, he was discharged.

But there was one big surprise for Rohit and all the friends who had come to take Ajit home. Ajit had no awareness of his green colour symbolized club that had been so dear to him all these years.

Seema, Annu and Bipin tried to test Ajit on his love for the green party, but it didn't ring any bell for him. He was totally unresponsive as if he was least interested.

But his other faculties, his likes, dislikes and awareness were just like before. So, no one bothered him further with the colour of his football club or rather of any other object of the same colour. 

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