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Joseph Mubita

Horror Thriller Others


Joseph Mubita

Horror Thriller Others

GHOST: 4 of 5

GHOST: 4 of 5

4 mins





    The next day, Angela woke up in the morning. Jason was by her side. Jonathan was playing with his Bat-Man toys, Snowball was chewing his chew toy beside the open window. She looked at Jason, her head was aching.


    “What happened?” She asked as she stretched herself.

    “You feinted,” he replied.


    “Oh, now I remember."


    “Let me go and get some water for you. You rest and I'll see you in five minutes,” said Jason. He carried Jonathan and left the room.


    Angela was alone in the bedroom with Snowball. She took Jason's advise and decided to rest. She closed her eyes for two seconds and heard a loud thud. She looked around the room, nothing was there. Then something caught her attention. There was a big blue box lying on the right side of her bed. She was confused because she didn't see it when she woke up and Jason didn't mention anything about a box. She was scared of opening it.


    But she gathered courage and opened the box. In the box there was a red paper with blue and white flowers running through the corners of the box. There was another note written in black ink on the paper.


    The note read, “Good morning Angela, sorry I scared you yesterday in the bathroom.”


    Angela was creeped after seen the note. She decided to call Jason.

    “Jason! Jason! Jason!” she yelled.


    This time she got hold of the paper while calling Jason. Jason stopped what he was doing and ran into the bedroom.


    “What is it now?” he asked Angela while looking around the room. He expected to see an animal in the bedroom because of the way she called him. But there was no animal.


    “Jason. Do you or do you not see this paper I’m holding,” she ridiculously asked as she held the paper close to Jason's face. He said yes he was seeing the paper.


    “Did you or did you not write this?” she asked him the second time.


    “I did not write anything,” Jason confirmed.


    “You see, this is the third note that I have received from someone in this house,” she updated Jason.


    “Let me take a look at it.”


    Jason got the note and read it. He told Angela that he never wrote it.


    “Who wrote it? There are only three people and one dog in this house. But only two people can write notes in this house. If you did not write it and I could not possibly write myself a note. You and I know that a dog can't write, let's forget about writing, it can't even hold a pen. Then who did?” She asked in panic.


    “I have no idea,” Jason then shrugged.


    “Let me try to call Mrs. Johnson again, I can't stay in this house anymore," Angela complained.


          She walked over to a phone and called Mrs. Johnson but her phone was still switched off. Angela's legs were shaking with fear. She got out of bed and went to the living room with Jason and Jonathan. She put the paper on the table and watched it, to make sure that it does not disappear like the rest. Jason then walked in the kitchen.


    Angela started hearing sounds similar to the ones she heard in the night. She called Jason. But, as soon as Jason would walk into the living room, the sounds would stop. This did not please Angela every time it happened.


    It was 6pm, Angela and Jason were waiting for Mrs. Johnson to return. It seemed that she was not going to come. The clock was ticking, the wind was blowing. They got the fire started at the fire place.


    They were watching TV for some while and later they started hearing sounds coming from upstairs. Whenever a sound would stop, another would begin. This went on for some time. As they were listening to the sounds, the TV switched off and there was a big thud in the kitchen. The lights dimmed and switched off. They were in darkness. They were terrified.


    Later, they heard footsteps coming from the basement. The footsteps got louder and louder, then suddenly, the door opened with force. Angela screamed her heart out. Then suddenly, the lights switched on.




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