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Joseph Mubita

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6 mins

And the phone rang as she was watching her favourite television show. It was a boring Thursday, she had nothing to do, her parents were not home and her friends had gone on a vacation. The least she could do was to just sit back and enjoy her show.

    She walked over to the phone and picked it up. That was the first call she had received since they closed for the holidays. She was filled with joy, she thought that one of her friends had called her.

    After picking up the phone, she was confused. The voice of the caller was not of that of her friends nor any of her parent's clients. It was a lady's voice.


She quickly asked in a low but respectful tone, “Who am I talking to?”

The woman sighed at the beginning of her reply, "Angela, have you forgotten me?" she continued, “It's Mrs. Johnson.”

Angela quickly apologized for her silly mistake. Mrs. Johnson is her aunt, her father's young sister.

    Mrs. Johnson continued, "I called because I want a favor from you. I want you to babysit Jonathan. Tomorrow we will be going for a business meeting and won't be back for two days.”

    Angela agreed, "Okay, I will do it.”

    Mrs. Johnson was happy to know that she will leave her 4-year-old son in a person she knows from top to bottom.

    When Angela's parents returned home, they told her the same thing that her aunt told her. It was clear that her parents agreed to the arrangement of Angela going to her aunt's house for two days.

      The next day, Angela started off around 10 AM. Her Aunt's place was in a different town. She had to board three buses to get there. While on the bus, Mrs. Johnson gave Angela the directions that would lead to her house.

    When she reached the bus station, she started recalling the directions she was given while talking to her aunt. As she was walking, she came across a weird and spooky house. Angela swore that the house wasn't Mrs. Johnson's house. But according to the directions, it was Mrs. Johnson's house.

    She said to herself, "This house is a mansion, it is too big for Mrs. Johnson, her husband and son." Angela was telling the truth, it was a mansion. It was about fifteen meters high. She was also surprised that the house was not on a wall fence.

    On both sides of the house; there was a huge thorn tree that was about seven meters high. Just below the living room windows, there was a green fungus covering a wide space.  The texture of the house was rough and the paint was brownish. The four stairs which led to the living room were quite old and needed fixing.

    If Mrs. Johnson didn't give Angela the directions, she would have passed the house without thinking that someone lived in it. When she entered the house; she found Mrs. Johnson and her husband sitting on the sofa waiting for Angela. Mrs. Johnson was excited to see Angela. They both greeted her. From the way they greeted Angela, she could tell that they were in a hurry to leave.

  Angela thought to herself, “The last time I saw Mrs. Johnson; she was not too fat neither was she too slim; she was just right. But now that she has gained weight; she looks quite fat and rather light in complexion.”

    Mrs. Johnson gave Angela a to-do list for the house. She also gave her a list of instructions on paper on how to take care of Jonathan and her white puppy she named Snowbow.


    Mrs. Johnson and her husband were wearing matching blue shirts that had white stripes. Mrs. Johnson was not wearing a wig but she was, however, wearing a bit of makeup. Her husband wore black trousers to match the shirt. Mrs. Johnson wore black, flat shoes while her husband wore white sneakers.

    Angela thought, “The business meeting they are going to, requires no class of clothes." She was right. They both wore simple clothes. It would be hard for someone to tell that they were going to a business meeting.


    Finally, they said goodbye to Angela and Jonathan. They drove away in a grey Benz.

    Back with Angela, the place was kind of lonely and boring because few people lived there and because Mrs. Johnson's house was a mansion. Angela decided to play some music at a low volume to pass time. With some music playing in the background; the house didn't seem scary anymore. The living room was quite big that one could almost hear their echo.

    When it was 7pm, Angela gave Jonathan his food and gave Snowball his dog biscuits. When they both finished eating; she decided that it was time for bed because there wasn't much to do with a 4-year child and a dog. She couldn't wait until it was morning again; She actually wished that it would be a morning without her closing her eyes in that big house.

    To make sure that she does not feel scared at night; she slept with Jonathan and Snowball in the guest room. By 9pm they were sound asleep.

    Angela and Jonathan slept on the bed while Snowball slept on the couch close to the bed. It was a peaceful night, everything was quiet. There was a cool breeze outside the house. The moon was at its peak.

    Angela had a dream: In the dream, she heard a car put up the drive way. Someone walked into Mrs Johnson's house. She couldn't see his face because he wore a hood. He walked slowly and carefully towards Angela. Angela got scared. He then stopped in front of Angela, his face was blurry. He touched Angela on the left shoulder, Angela quickly flinched out of her sleep.

    She looked around the room while breathing heavily. She was terrified because of the dream she had. She got out of bed and went to the bathroom around 2am. As she was walking  back to her bedroom, she noticed that the living room bulb was on.

    She thought to herself,” I could swore I switched off all the lights."

    She decided to go and see why the bulb was on. She pushed her head through the wide open door and looked around the room as if she saw something crawl into the livingroom. While turning her head left and right, up and down, something unusual caught her eye. There was a white paper and a black pen on the table. She was confused. She remembers putting the paperwork in the wall drop in her room. She started walking closer towards the table where the paper was. But before she could see what was written on the paper, she found herself in darkness because the light went out. It was like something or someone, switched off the light. Angela screamed. With fear in her heart, she ran passed the door and pattered on the stairs. She pushed open the guest room door, jumped on the bed and covered herself. Her heart was racing.

    It was hard for Angela to explain what had happened in the livingroom. She was so terrified that she hid under the blanket and didn't sleep the entire night.

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