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Drama Romance


Shubhangi Kotwal

Drama Romance

Forgotten Love

Forgotten Love

8 mins

Story of a few decades back when love marriages were not accepted so easily...

Today was Sunday and Anjana was just relaxed today after a hectic week in office due to visit of foreign delegates from a pharmaceutical company from US. 

She was just sitting in her garden with a cup of tea and newspapers. It was her routine on Sundays to read 3/4 newspapers of different languages. As on rest of the days she had limited time and so used to read only headlines and some regular columns .while reading newspaper she was also instructing Gardener, ' Subhash, just see if that new rose plant I got last week is ok ? are there any new leaf on that? ...and just pluck some Jasmine, yellow Rose and pink and red hibiscus flowers and give me, I will just get a basket from inside. As I need those flowers for ' Puja'. 

Anjana was in her late 40s and was single. She didn't get married due to some reason but she was highly educated and was earning handsome salary as she was a General Manager in a multinational pharmaceutical company. She had all the comforts, a bungalow, a car and everything in home that is required to live a comfortable and happy life. Only thing is that she was single and alone. Siblings were married and busy in their life. 

Her office was in Pune, but she was staying on the outskirts of Pune City in a bungalow where she finds a peaceful place to live with very few houses and bungalows. and it was easier to reach office by car. 

Sunday was the time Anjana used to relax and do all those things for which she never had time on week days. The evening she used to go to market for shopping, sometimes if she gets a company of friends and colleagues then they used to make dine - out program in nearby hotel.

Monday morning .... As usual her daily routine started. getting ready for office after finishing morning walk, a cup of tea and reading newspaper quickly instructions to Sunita, who was her cook and used to prepare lunch for her and do packing, as Anjana preferred home made food for lunch. and while leaving for office after closing all doors and locking the main door her job was to give few instructions to Subhash who must have come by that water all plants and clean up the area near all plants and clean up the lawn. And after she leaves for office by car, Subhash had to close the main gate so that she doesn't have to come out of it was half an hour's drive to reach to office. 

 After reaching office Anjana was greeted by all with ' good morning' as usual. Her routine work started. After some time while checking her emails she saw one important email from head office. It was about a seminar they were having next week and she just said little loudly ...ohh....not again !. as again some company representative from USA's other companies were to come for seminar and company names and their respective representative's names were given, which she was reading and her eyes stuck to one name....Amey Kulkarni ....

And it took her to flash back .... almost 25 yrs back when she was doing her B.Sc and she met one handsome but little shy or say introvert kind of boy who was in her class. Anjana was little extravert and she got herself introduced while one group practical they had to do in lab...She said 'Hi, I am Anjana Iyer and you?' and he said 'hi, I am Amey Kulkarni. That is how their friendship started. they used to often meet in college, discuss about their studies and their topics and they used to help each others in group for practical and assignment writing and finding and exchanging books in library. 

They did B Sc. And M. Sc together also their friendship blossomed along with studies. While in final year of M Sc. They both felt that friendship can go further and when right time comes... I.e. after they both get good job they will think about being life partners. Days and months passed and Anjana' s parents were insisting her to marry an engineer, who was also from the same caste and community of Anjana.. and she told about this to all in the group during last week at college. And after that they were having final year exam for M.Sc. But Anjana also said that though my parents are insisting hut I won't marry him .. I will say No. 

Everybody was busy in their exam preparation after that, exam also got over and slowly all got distracted and disconnected. Only occasionally they used to meet or talk on phone. Last time all group met together was at the time of Results.

Now Anjana got a job in this pharmaceutical company in Pune so she had to shift there and Amey got a good opportunity in a US company, and as such he used to say that 'If I get a good job in US then I will shift there as such my elder sister is married and staying there. 

Now slowly they were all separated and lost contact as everybody was shifted to different places for job and got busy in job. Amey and Anjana too were busy in their job they spoke to their families about their likings and plans but nobody took them seriously.....Anjana was told by her parents that ' all those are because you were studying in same college. Now you marry a person from our community and settle down. He is gone to USA, now he will find a better girl there and marry her.. why will he come back for you. ' she listened to them but quietly left for Pune ... saying ' I am not interested in getting married, I have to make my career. ' and she truly didn't marry.

There  Amey 's condition was also same. His parents also said ' you marry a brahmin girl from our community and settle down in life. We will tell your sister to find a good girl in USA. As there are many Marathi brahmin families staying in USA. ' But eventually, he also refused for marriage. 

Ohh .. suddenly Anjana realised that it's a lunch time when her junior knocked on her cabin door ...Mam its lunch time and I will be back after lunch. ' so Anjana said fine you go. I will also finish my lunch.

Anjana thought... I am so foolish... It could be another Amey Kulkarni ...why am I thinking about him...that too after so many years .... 

Before two days of seminar one more email Anjana gets from head office along with a Biodata and photos of people who were coming for seminar from USA. She read all the details and also see photo and Biodata of Amey Kulkarni. ...yes his qualification is M. Sc. And that too from India and from her college. Though his looks have changed to some extent but Anjana is now confirmed that he is the same Amey Kulkarni. 

Now on the first day of seminar, Anjana remains present at the venue well in time, her other colleagues like General Managers and Deputy General Managers greet all the official who have come from USA. So Anjana and Amey look at each other and greet each other formally. Then during lunch time Amey take initiative and go to Anjana and ask her....are you Anjana Iyer ?? from my college? and she told him in return, you are Amey Kulkarni ...Right....both chat for sometime and it is decided between them that Amey would go to Anjana' s house for Dinner tomorrow...i.e. Amey accepts the invitation of Anjana....they both are still not aware about marital status of each other. ....

Next day late evening Amey reached at Anjana's bungalow, he tells the driver to go back and come to pick him up when he calls him. 

Amey thinks that Anjana and her husband would greet him and maybe her children also will be there. He took with him a small gift since he was going to her house for the first time. Anjana also has decorated her living room and dining table with fresh fragrant flowers. And told Sunita, her cook to make some extra dishes and sweets for dinner.....

They both sit and talk and Amey asks her about her husband, so she says I didn't get married. I was so busy in my career... Also, Anjana inquires, that he has come alone to India or with family ??? So Amey also gives the same answer. And both didn't know what to say .....

Then Anjana and Amey take dinner and talk about their college buddies....and decide that they will find about all... especially about their group. And Amey calls the driver to pick him up and go back to where their arrangement is made for staying.

Seminar gets over....Amey and Anjana exchange their contact nos. And addresses so that they will not have to meet again after many years like 'lost friends'. 

Anjana is still thinking about Amey and she was happy to some extent that Amey is also unmarried like it was true love between them. 

Now Amey go back to USA and after' reaching there he calls Anjana and he also was thinking the same thing like they started feeling that this is a 2nd or one more chance they have received and now nobody will oppose but all will be happy for them.... though it was quite late but so what ????......

Finally, they decide to get married Amey said I will come to India after two months. In a small ceremony and in the presence of friends, colleagues of Anjana and close family members from both sides.,. We will get married...I will stay in your bungalow for few days...I have no ego on that.....and I will go back as I have some assignment and projects on hand that I will complete and come back to India forever.

They both didn't know that life will bring such a lot of happiness for them which was due and awaited since many long years...they said it is all because of God and power of our true Love ....

As decided Amey come back to India after six months ....join a very good company in Pune and Anjana -- Amey live happily after that.... 

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