Drashti Badheka

Abstract Action Fantasy


Drashti Badheka

Abstract Action Fantasy

Far From Him

Far From Him

3 mins

We took a moment for us, I stared towards his eyes with big eyelashes.

A moment passes, his eyes looked horrified, his hand stiff. I asked him instantly-

"what happened?"

He looked towards me, took my hand and told me to be behind him.

"I shouldn't have brought you here. I m sorry."

I got puzzled.

Everything around me went silent. It was like the silence before big trouble. Darsh concentrated on something, I don't know what was going to happen, what should I react like. I even wasn't feeling terrified but looking towards him I was afraid.

As I was concentrating on him, I heard a slight noises of someone's arrival. They were more than one, I think. Still they were far from my sight. As the moment passed, Darsh was turning harder, taking me closer to him. He tied my hairs too, and told-

"stay stiff, don't let your hair fall. It will prevent your smell to feel, and don't be afraid. I won't let anyone hurt you."

As he told me, it was confirmed someone not good to us are coming.

From a corner towards left, I saw 2 persons. But they were not looking human. Their eyes shining red, long and beautiful eyelashes. Their clothes were dirty, also they were covered from top to bottom with some big black thing. They were 1 male and 1 female.

Female one was staring me unusually. I don't know what to react, so I looked down.

They come closer to us, male one told Darsh-

"hello, after a long time."

Darsh smiled unwillingly


"who is this girl with you, I m afraid she's human, yet smell so wonderful."

Darsh turned red. I hold him tightly. The uninvited male was continuously staring at me. It felt so bad.

Darsh warned them-

"None of your business, stay away from her."

"wow, gosh, the boy is in love. Manat"

I heard him telling, the female one was Manat.

"but that doesn't sound good. She is a human, and her smell is making me thirsty."

The male one continued with an evil laugh of Manat.

Darsh was turning harder and horrified.

"you both know what am I capable of." Darsh again warned them. But they didn't take it seriously.

"oh young boy, last time you were with your family. But today alone. Oh should I feel pity. Poor young Darsh, wouldn't be able to save his Love's life."

Darsh never left my hand, but he hold it so strong it started hurting me. But the situation went so horrified. It was like I am on the pendulum. One side Darsh and another side these people. Might this moment be my last moment?

They came closer to touch me, while Darsh ordered me to cling upon him and close my eyes. It all went on a second, I wasn't able to close my eyes.

Darsh ran faster than an airplane. All things around was a blur. I wasn't able to see with my eyes closed. But still they both were behind us, a slight far from us. The male one pushed Darsh and took my hand and let my head hurt. The moment made my heart cried, I lost Darsh.

They took me far from him, tears from eyes started falling, I was going far from Darsh. Darsh's eyes were sad too but still he was trying to catch them and save me but still If I am going to die then with good memories. I closed my eyes, remember a good time spent with him. I hurt my head which made it impossible to open my eyes. 

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