The Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller

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He was playing in number 7 for his team. No. 7 jersey which is proudly worn by Cristiano Ronaldo and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He was nothing less than those legends for his team. On a day, when he gets going, bowler could only plead for mercy. He is a record holder in the domestic league, run machine, power hitter with exemplary technique.

Last 3 matches, he was not at his timing, his shots are marred by edges. His final scoreline read 21,14,7 respectively. Selectors would be on the ground to scout for new batsman for their franchise. He was one on the list, maybe the top. The next two matches are crucial for his dream to play in IPL.

He was captivated in the thought of not losing this opportunity. He wanted to make the most of it, but his poor form was a stroke of bad luck for him. He wanted to bring good luck. He heard Baba Chagan Lal, a great fortune teller. Baba was followed by masses for his fortune reading. He wanted Baba's help for his future of playing in IPL.

He went to Baba’s shrine. Baba was meditating and telling people about their fortune. After two hours of wait, his turn came. He was escorted by Baba's deputy, who gave him instruction of not being loud, be nice and do not disturb the Baba.

Baba’s room was dark and the smell of hundreds of incense stick was making it a perfect religious place. As he walked in, Baba told to welcome the new king. He was shocked by how Baba knew, he would rule the game. How Baba was better than any Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. How Baba could see what his dad couldn't see in Mathematics mark sheet. Suddenly Baba spoke, my king the Sun isn't in your favor so does the Kingdom. You should wear yellow clothe and put Sunny Leone as your mobile wallpaper to please the sun. Baba's impeccable knowledge and easy solution for heat and brightness stunned him.

But there was a problem, the team kit was blue. He can't wear a yellow vest as the sides would often sneak from jersey. He searched the entire market and got a perfect yellow inner-piece. Good thing that it would be closest to the body. The match started, they were to bat first. He demoted himself to play more of spin bowling. The scoreline was 4 over 16/1. It was his turn to bat, he was confident that Sun will turn his fortune. He faced the second ball, it was spin on the attack. He made a lofted shot, the ball hit the middle of the bat and was flying to the boundary. He was in his crease watching it sailing over the ropes. There was a shout in his ears, Run. Excellent piece of fielding saved the six. The other batsman was in his crease, he had no option but run to the other end. The throw was sharp, and he was late, so late that he had to join the dugout on a duck.

He narrated this to Baba. Baba told, perhaps the sun was too close that mother earth couldn't bless him. To balance both, he should put green clothe next and keep Sunny Leone on mobile. He was awestruck, how baba knew that mobile had wireless powers while clothe can give him the earth blessings.

The green inner-piece was nowhere in the market, he decided to tailor it for him. He went to a tailor and was unbuckling his belt. Tailor said, no need of measurement and made an old-fashioned green color inner-piece.

The match started, they chose to bowl first. On a shot, he was stretching himself in the field to save run, he heard a sound. Sound that one of his clothes tore. He was checking his pants and in the process, he lost the laces of track-pants. Pants were fine, then what, the inner-piece! In hurry tailor stitched weakly, the inner-piece was torn, from the place where it shouldn't have been. Lost laces of pants increased the chances of dropping it on a fast run. He somehow managed the opponent innings. His team was supposed to chase 322 in 50 overs. This time, he was at his position, the opener, the Sehwag for his team. He was taking crease for the first ball. Opponent bowler was fierce, capable of clocking 150 KM/Hour. Bowler was on the run-up, the shorter one. The torn inner-piece and loose pants were on his mind. He can’t take a quick single as he will drop his pants and assets would be visible especially to the selectors. He can't play lofted shot as he is still to adapt for pitch and the bowler. By the time, he decided to play a grounded shot the ball passed him and hit straight to middle stump. He couldn't even move his bat.

He was head-down, running from the field. He wanted to make the Baba’s head as his practice ball. But all he could manage to hold the waist of loose pants.

Baba industry is big but no real estimation, guess its because there is no taxation. Industry size in India could be around USD 45 Bn, given an average person is spending 0.5% of his income on Baba's services. One should have faith and optimism, but nothing moves in this world unless you move it.

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