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Ankit Laddha

Drama Inspirational


Ankit Laddha

Drama Inspirational

The Love Story

The Love Story

4 mins 298 4 mins 298

It was autumn of 2005, shaded brown leaves concealed the black color of the road. The bus stopped at the college gate, where Anuj was getting his admission. It was a beautiful campus with flowers all over. He studied well to get this prestigious college. Meritorious Anuj was also a handsome hunk often a topic in girls talk.

He saw Riya on the second day of admission, she came with her father. That sight so vivid even with closed eyes. Her blue jeans and white shirt with a shade of black eyelashes surrounding the most beautiful eyes took Anuj from himself. It was love at first sight. The talkative Anuj was speechless in front of Riya.

The day has come, he had to speak, and he did. He whispered to Riya, can I assign Rahna Hai Tere Dil Me aka RHTDM ringtone to your no.? She said Yes. The mobile revolution was mushrooming and Ambani’s free call came to rescue for most of the love birds. 

Guess what! he not only got his mobile number but also heart he ever dreamt for. They were often found at canteen eating Maggi from one plate not just because of love but also to save the long bills of the canteen. Their story was an inspiration for all the budding love birds. Whenever, wherever the RHTDM played Anuj was most quick to check his phone.

At the graduation day, when many of the college love stories become distant, this one became stronger. Their families happily accepted both respectively. They married happily. A marriage which became the testimony of this love story.

These memories were scrolling like a movie in Anuj’s head, while he was sitting at the waiting area of a hospital. Suddenly, the nurse shouted, congratulations you are blessed with a princess.

His eyes were wide open, tears of joy were flowing through. He hugged his mom and rushed to see his princess. His mobile phone rang, no this time it wasn’t the RHTDM ringtone. He picked the phone and his expressions changed. He saw his daughter and wife Riya. He left the hospital even before he could take his daughter in his arms.

In no time he was up and ready, ready with his uniform. Captain Anuj had a call from his unit for an emergency posting at the border. It was a war like situation at the border. All the men in uniform were called to report at respective units. 

A flight of two hours and Anuj never lost sight of his just-born daughter even for a single second. She looked awesome. He was still contemplating if she looked more like him. At least this time he can tell Riya, he was the dominating one.

Anuj was soon transferred to the war zone. An area where the enemy was shelling bombs across the border. Just after, four hours when he witnessed how human can create the world, he was at a place where mankind was showing the most brutal side.


Anuj was leading his battalion, they were fierce and in love with every inch of their motherland. Enemy tanks were at the continuous fire and his battalion was at the crest to kill every enemy. There were no cries only shouts and sounds of the boom.

The bullets were everywhere, many of his battalion members were making supreme sacrifice. Sacrifice for their motherland. Every sacrifice soul was adding the spirit to the fighting battalion. Soon the enemy found they are about to lose the war. But they were reluctant to accept the same. With limited troops, the opposition was on missile mode and Anuj with his team was dominating. There was a bullet fired from an enemy soldier, it struck the left shoulder of Anuj. The bullet could not make even a dent to Anuj’s Josh. He took missile launcher in the right hand and started firing more fiercely at bull’s eye aim. Anuj see from the left, there was a shout from a soldier.

The ceasefire was announced. The war ended, but the cries didn’t. Sound of the fire was heard from a large area. Civilians, animal, crops, houses were burned, burned alive. War made footprints, footprints which will exist for generations.

Today, Riya is joining the arm forces as Captain Riya. Captain Riya wife of Param Vir Chakra Captain Anuj. Capt. Anuj was hit by a grenade from the left. He martyred to his motherland on the day of his fatherhood.

Around 8 crore people lost their lives in the second world war alone. Every day, there are hundreds like Capt. Anuj lost their lives in war. The world needs to make a love story, the love story of a mankind, love story of peace.

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