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Congratulations, It's a Baby boy! Those doctor's words were afresh. He was extremely joyous, emotions were flowing through.

Time flew so quickly. He couldn't realize how the last 2 years went, he is still in the moment of that night. That night, when extreme pain survived the extreme joy. That night, when he first sight the littlest human. That night and the only night when he laughed at his son's cry.

From the joker to a horse, he played multiple roles for his little one. Every night he used to return home, completely tired, deprived of sleep. The smell of his son was an energy booster for him. Hugs and kisses from the Li’l one was the only vitamin his body needed. People say boys are always mamma’s, but he was Daddy’s boy. In fact, the first word Li’l one spoke was PAPA.

He named his son, Ryan. Li’l Ryan showed his character in his pram, very courageous. He often found it hard to control his emotions when Ryan used to cry. Ryan was fair by color, with big brown eyes and straight hairs, looked most attractive. Everyone who used to meet Ryan was in instant love with him. Ryan was his world, always top on his mind. There was a roomful of toys, but the only play for his dad was Ryan.

Ryan picked a habit of long rides, he used to sleep only after the night rides on his dad's bike. He loved winds which used to fly his hairs and the calmness during the night at the street. Today, he was late from office, he rushed directly to Ryan, Ryan was waiting for the ride, he took him and went straight. Ryan never loved speed, he just wanted to enjoy the calm wind. On the front seat, before rider, Ryan used to find his solace.

Today, it was supposed to be a short ride as already the clock was on 11. He took U-turn and Ryan was already entering in his dream-world. He approached home, switched off the ignition. Suddenly he heard a sound of accidental breaking, it was like somebody was tearing his ears apart. His hands covered Ryan's ear. The sound turned loud, boom, his bike was hit. There was absolute silence for a few moments. There was a boy around twenties who couldn't control his car and hit the bike from the back. The hit was hard, the bike took flips in air and the sparks from friction turned it in flames. The silence broke, there were cries all over. He was looking for his son, but he found himself in an ambulance, his wife was in tears. He wanted to see his son, he was feebly calling – Ryan, where is Ryan?

Every minute, there is a road accident in India. In 2017 alone, almost 148,000 people lost their lives in road accidents. India has a road network of 5,903,293 Kms where over 288,425,289 registered vehicles run. Approximately, every day 53,700 vehicles are registered in India. With such a huge vehicle density, it is important to remain mindful of others. Follow the rules, never bunk them and educate others to follow the same.

By the way, Ryan is safe, just bruised a bit and his father recovered from serious injuries.

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