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Paulomi Babre

Abstract Children Stories Inspirational

Daiyu and Fen’s Adventure

Daiyu and Fen’s Adventure

6 mins

Poor, old mum! What a pity that she broke her leg during the hols; said Fen. And I expect that now our trip to the hills will be canceled cried; Daiyu. The two girls were stretching out in the flower beds with Snowy the lamb, gamboling around them. Last week, their dear momma had gotten the measles. The doctor had told her that she had to stay in bed for at least a month. The girls’ father, Mr. Yen had disappointedly told them that now they could not go to the hills.

Mrs.Shen their neighbour was a huge help, she would in the morning, make a delicious breakfast and then clean the house. Next she would come again in the afternoon, make lunch and then she would pick the ripening berries to bottle them. Lastly she would come at night, make dinner, wash the utensils, tuck the girls to bed and then go back home. She would not take any wages, so Mr.Yen as a gratitude, gave her the best flowers and vegetables from the hills.

One day, Mr Shen who was a hiker, asked Mr.Yen if he could take Daiyu and Fen with him as they had their vacations! Mr. Yen was overwhelmed and speechless, he thanked the adventurer and said; Yes, you can take my girls for the adventure. I don’t know what I would do without you and your wife.

When Fen and Daiyu heard the news, they were jumping with joy. Fen gleefully yelled, “ I am super excited! I don’t know about you but I am going to pack my sack now as we have leave tomorrow morning. Daiyu said, “ Oh, it’s really a miracle. Even I am coming with you to pack my sack. Mrs. Shen advised them to take cotton jumpers and a few pairs of jeans as it was very hot up at the hills. Fen packed a couple of chocolate bars to much on during the journey and Daiyu took two sleeping bags. The girls also decided to take turns in holding the tent during the long trek up the hills. Fen and Daiyu were sensible girls and decided to heed Mrs. Shen’s advice and not take any frilly dresses or warms things.

Finally, it was morning, after a quick breakfast of sweet porridge with honey, Fen and Daiyu kissed their mother and bid their father goodbye. Mr. Shen who had been waiting in the Jeep, now helped the girls to load their stuff and they set off to the hills. After a couple of hours, the trio reached at the bottom of the hill. The girls carried their bags and followed Mr.Shen. At a few places, they needed his help but as they were sturdy little girls they climbed the hill like lambs. After reaching at the top of the hill, the girls immediately put up their tents and helped Mr.Shen to cook dinner. Fen and Daiyu were tired and went to bed early.

The next day morning, at the crack of dawn Daiyu was awake. She lazily unzipped her sleeping bag and sat up looking at the beautiful view. She woke up Fen and then slipped out of the tent. After a while, Daiyu called out , “ Fen, you sleepyhead, wake up now! Mr. Shen has already gone out, I presume to find some more twigs for lighting the fire. Fen sleepily answered “ Fine, I am coming to help you in making breakfast but before that I want to to have a dip in the pool.” The girls had a quick dip and then made a lovely breakfast of hot chocolate and some bacon on bread with fried tomatoes. As soon as they made the meal, Mr. Shen came and said “Good Morning girls! I see that you have made a yummy breakfast. I went out early in the morning to gather twigs as you know the old saying ‘The early bird gets the worm’.”

The trio had their breakfast and then Fen noticed a forest next to their campsite. She asked Mr.Shen “ Can Daiyu and I visit the forest today to gather some flowers to take back home for Aunty and mom?” Mr.Shen hesitated at first but they agreed, he told them to come back by noon for the tasty sandwiches he was going to make. Fen and Daiyu wore jumpers and then went to the forest. Daiyu gasped “ Wow! It’s so mesmerizing !” There were flowers of all kinds and greenery all around. Fen was awe-struck by the grace and pleasantness of the forest. It really was paradise. Fen and Daiyu skipped around the grass which was as soft as silk. It was a while before the girls could speak. Suddenly, Daiyu hit on a brilliant idea, she said “ Uncle Shen is sure to know these plants.

With his aid, we can collect a handful of these herbs and give it to our momma. I am I’ve positive that it will make her better.” Fen agreed and they raced out to Mr. Shen. Mr. Shen who had been reading a book was startled by furious knocking on his tent door. When he unzipped the tent he saw two panting girls. He grabbed the water jug and gave them some water to drink. Then, the girls told him everything. He grimly nodded and asked the girls to take some rest, they would go to the so called paradise in the evening.

Fen who was young, went to sleep but Daiyu gathered some willow strips and made baskets out of them as she wanted to collect a lot of the flowers because she was sure that there where Orchids and she had learnt at school that they were very pretty and lasted for a long time. She had decided that she would make 5 baskets and fill them with cool water so that when she kept the flowers in them they would be fresh. After making the baskets and tending to them, Daiyu went off to sleep. In the evening, Mr.Shen asked the girls to lead the way. When they reached the forest, Mr.Shen was also very surprised to see such a beautiful place. He said “ You girls were right! It is really a paradise.” He quickly collected some herbs and Fen and Daiyu followed him like hens. After collecting the herbs, Fen and Daiyu covered them with big leaves which the insects hate so that the herbs would be fresh. Daiyu then nimbly skipped around and gathered Orchids. While doing so she accidentally fell into a gorse bush and scratched herself badly.

Mr.Shen mixed a couple of herbs to make a paste which he told Daiyu to apply on her scratches. Fen packed all their things and the three set down the hill. Daiyu gently placed the baskets on the seat of the Jeep and urged Uncle Shen to move on as she was worried about her momma. As soon as they reached, Fen and Daiyu went to their mother’s room to see her. She was looking pale and weak. Fen went to bring the baskets and Daiyu went to get a clean cloth and some ice water. Fen cleaned the herbs and handed them to Daiyu who placed the herbs in the cloth and dipped it into the iced water. Fen then placed it on her mother’s forehead. Momma already started to look better. After a few days, Momma was fine again! Now, she could knit and also eat well. Tears swelled in her eyes when she heard how hard had the girls worked. She also thanked Mr.Shen was shining light during dark times. Fen and Daiyu were now capable girls and helped their mother to keep the house pretty and clean with the flowers. The family lived happily ever after…………..

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