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Eternal Wait

Eternal Wait

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The candle is once again lit, dwindling alike her hope, as her trembling hands reach for the tape recorder.

Her husband helps her to the chair nearby after she turns it on.

The recorder with its occasional halts screeches to impregnate moments from past in the room. A futile attempt to fill the void.

He holds her hand gently, reaffirming their belief, hoping that today, unlike many past years, will be different.

How many years has it been? Five? Maybe 10? How long have they been waiting every single year, with heightened hopes on this very day, until the candle slowly burns out and perishes? How could a mother possibly keep count of days, months or years?

The flame is about to die. The eyes are moist now.

"You should go to sleep. Get some rest", he whispers.

"Mom, dad. I am home", the doorknob is finally turned as door to their small room opens.

The heartbeats thump faster, hands tremble once again but age isn't the reason this time.

Brimming with happiness, she stands and hugs with all her might, sobbing incessantly. Even in the dim light, a mother could see. She then kisses the stranger's cheeks and forehead hoping her husband, the old man at least would be at ease.

The father recognizes his old student at once and hugs him in silence. His moist eyes blinked away tears along with the harsh fact that his own son had severed all his ties with them for he was ashamed of them and their poverty.

The couple rejoiced with their new son while their hearts continued to live their own lies with the eternal wait for the one who might never show up.


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