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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Shilpa Srivastav



Shilpa Srivastav


Eternal fragrance of Love

Eternal fragrance of Love

5 mins

Saloni is getting married today. She is getting married to the love of her life. It was not easy for her to convince her orthodox family to get married to a boy from other caste and that too from other state. It was like a dream to her. 

She was sitting in her room, clad in a beautiful bridal attire. Saloni was looking like a pretty doll. She still can't believe, her father, who was strongly opposing her alliance with Piyush, will give her hand to him in few hours. She started her journey down memory lane, how they both met and their tough love journey finally ended in a blissful nuptial knot.

Saloni, the only daughter of Mr. Rajesh Dubey, a banker and chairman of Brahmin society of that small town. Saloni was a brilliant student and to pursue her higher education, she joined a college in Delhi. She got scholarship there and got admission in one of the renowned management institute. Her family was supportive in her education, but they had only one condition, she was not allowed to choose her life partner. Decision of her marriage would be done by her father and grandmother. 

But, destiny had something else in store for her. She met Piyush in the college. He was very decent and intelligent guy. Their friendship gradually turns into sweet relationship and they decided to get married. Piyush was a South Indian boy and of lower caste. Before finishing their last semesters, they both got a good job in a multinational company. Piyush already had a talk with his family and they were ready for this marriage. Now it was Saloni's turn to talk to her father, and grandmother. Her mother always kept neutral for the decision taken by her husband or mother in law.

 Her grandmother was a lady of few words. She talked to anyone quite rarely. She was just passing her days by doing daily household chores and reading books. But, she earned a lot of respect in the society and Saloni's father never took any decision without asking her.

 Saloni talked about Piyush on the dining table, where all were present. As expected, her father became furious and started shouting. Everything right from her sending to bigger city to his position in the society, he screamed for everything. Her grandmother, just sat quietly and after sometime said, "Saloni, you must be tired. You take some rest. Be patient for a week. We will tell our decision in few days."

After that she saw her grandmother talked to her father many times. After a week, suddenly her father asked Saloni to give Piyush's contact number. She was so surprised to observe the tremendous change in her father's tone. She didn't asked anything. 

Today, after three months, she was going to get married to Piyush. It was still a puzzle to her, how her father got convinced. Suddenly, her phone started ringing. Her grandmother wants to see Saloni in her room.

Saloni went to her room, she called her inside lovingly and closed the door. Then she took out keys and opened locker of her wardrobe. From there, she took out a red coloured small bag very carefully and handed it to Saloni.

"Beta, I want you to open it". Saloni was looking at it with surprise. She never saw that beautiful bag before. It was a red velvet bag decorated with small white pearls. She opened it with some hesitation. As she opened it, the room was filled with sweet aroma of rose petals. She could see a small bottle of beautifully carved glass. Some liquid was filled in that.

"Dadi Ma, what is this? Such a nice perfume and it smells so nice. Why you are giving it to me?"

"Beta, it's not perfume, in our times it was called scent or Itra in hindi. It smelled very nice. It was my gift given by my first and only love".

"Oh! DadiMa..you mean dada ji gifted it to you. Such a beautiful bottle and it still has beautiful fragrance."

"No beta, I said, my first and only love. Your Dada ji was my husband. I always respected him but can not loved him. I always fulfilled my duties but can not give my heart or love to this house which it deserved. And I am still feeling guilty for it. 

You can see a book of poems too in that bag. That was a collection of poem, he wrote for me and later gifted me."

" Dadi Ma, how was that possible? How did you fell in love fifty years back? "

" Saloni, fifty years back, I was a girl like you and then too girls had feelings. But not courageous to disclose it. Me too, had to accept my parent's decision. Later I came to know that my love committed suicide. Till now, I could not forgive myself. I am still leading my life in guilt. I could not do justice to both of them. So, when I heard about your choice, I decided that I had to convince your father. You will not lead a guilty life, like I did."

Oh my God. That's why Dadi ma spoke so less to everyone. She opened full bag to find a book of short poems. On first page, her grandmother's name was written and dedicated to her. She took out little perfume and applied on her palms and behind ears. She started smelling like a rose flower.

 Her grandmother hugged her and said,. " Saloni, always smell like rose and keep spreading fragrance of your love in both families. Be happy always my dear".

They both had tears in her eyes and sound of drums and crackers were approaching near to the house.

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