Unveiling the Enchanting Journey of a 14-Year-Old & Discover Life's Secrets Through 'My Slice of Life'. Grab it NOW!!
Unveiling the Enchanting Journey of a 14-Year-Old & Discover Life's Secrets Through 'My Slice of Life'. Grab it NOW!!

Rakshana Tagore



Rakshana Tagore


Enough! We Are Tired

Enough! We Are Tired

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The event, I chose to write-up is not recently happened. It all took place far in the past but the long-awaited justice for this gruesome event was made very recently on March 20, 2020. This captivated the whole nation's attention amid the pestiferous coronavirus.

Let me stop beating around the bush.

YES! I'm talking about the"2012 Delhi gang rape".Finally, Nirbhaya and her family got their justice after seven long years. In my perspective, justice could have made earlier, by the way, this can neither bring our "Nation's daughter"nor could curb rape cases in our nation. I know, my tone is super-exhaustive of a profuse number of rape cases and I believe not only my tone sounds exhaustive but everyone who is socially responsible is tired of chilling their heels since these years for this positive judgment of hanging up the convicts. I still remember, as a teenager, I encountered this event in one of the news channels. As a 10th grader, I could only be able to figure out that, some bizarre has happened to a 23year-old woman. But today, as a millennial, I could be able to grab the essence of the 2012 night-marish incident.

Thinking of how nirbhaya was forced to bear those evil malefactors touching her body makes my spine chill. Despite the super-late judgment, "WE" The people of India are on cloud nine for sure even in the threat of corona pandemic. Even though I overjoyed by the judgment on one side, I was also shattered on the other side by the comments made by the convicts' lawyer. I wonder, how a person who studied law can make such comments on Nirbhaya's character.


When I watched the clip of convicts' lawyer who shooted questions on nirbhaya's character by asking how can she stroll during the night. Here, I had a flash of memory of reading a piece of article which says: on that incident day, one of the convicts in the white bus before the incident took place, aksed nirbhaya that, why is she accompanying a man during the night. By and large, what did I figured out by their question is, girls/women who show up at night are labeled as "PROSTITUTES", "ESCORTS" AND WHAT NOT?


In the fear of such labels, another young female veterinarian from Hyderabad decided not to defend herself by standing safe in the highway toll and hesitated to seek help at night. As a result, she fell prey to those demons who camouflaged themselves to aid her. FORGET WOMEN! HERE COME BRAND-NEW GIRL BABIES.

Ashamed of those men who can't even distinguish babies and women. They are so non- partial who carefree about age, size, color, the height of whom are they going to get their hands on. If they find any "SHE"....Yes! that's where they stop by with their lecherous eyes. They don't even care about places where they molest/rape girl babies or teenage girls but are very concerned about the gender to be SHE. From the huge kathua gang, the rape case of an 8-year-old girl to several rape cases of minor girls and girl babies making us to break down emotionally but, breaking down in tears will never bring back those "innocent souls" We, as a socially responsible citizen has to mandatorily teach boys of

how to behave with girls from their younger ages itself.

On the whole, I understood that the dress code of a girl is never a thing to play the victim card by complaining of what she wears. Obviously, a 6month-old baby or a newborn baby can never be wrapped in couture, every human being with all right senses are aware of this. So now, we all know how the senses of such men are structured.

WAY FORWARD is, I am not the FIRST person and I will not be the LAST person to utter the cliche quote:


We are not asking for any CHIVALRIES from men. These days, Women are super-independent and emerging like phoenix birds.


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