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Unreasonable Emotions!

Unreasonable Emotions!

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Today, when I came out of a clothing store, I glimpsed a teenaged boy with big spectacles on, wearing a blue striped t-shirt and a grey pant who was fixing his father's shirt collar with his hands who has his small black bag stuffed big and may be both of them were waiting for any of transport mediums.

I was turning my head back again and again in a loop, while I'm rushing to cross the road.

I wish, I could have spoken to the boy. 

I can't figure out the reasons, why I wished so..

But I kinda felt heavy inside my heart 

I came home, tried all my clothes on which I purchased and suddenly, the teenager boy's face flashed my mind

Tears are ready to roll down all over my face and yes, it flooded......

And now, penning down all these, to come Out of the event which I, unfortunately, participated in.

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