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Dr Major Nalini Janardhanan



Dr Major Nalini Janardhanan


Endless waves

Endless waves

5 mins 206 5 mins 206

“Venu, I am so tired. I can’t walk anymore. Let us go back to our home” –Nimisha told Venu. He held her close to his body. She is pale and weak. It is as if her fragile body is like a feather drifting along with the wind. He felt very sad to see his wife Nimisha who is in the advanced stage of Cancer. The doctor told him that she has only a few days left to live. A very thin and weak thread is holding her to this world. Any day, any time she would die! Venu shuddered at the thought of separation from his loving wife. Tears flowed down his cheeks.

Venu remembered his college days when he was a singer and he had many fans. Rose was one of them. She was a Christian girl from a rich family. Rose fell in love with him. They were called ‘love birds of the batch’. But they could not marry as their orthodox families were against inter-religion marriage. Venu was sad and depressed. Later he married the girl, Nimisha, as per the choice of his parents. As years passed by, he realized that she is his soulmate whom he had been waiting for. It was as if he is falling in love all over again. Nimisha’s graceful looks, captivating smile, gentle touch and loving nature made him fall head over heels in love with her. They were made for each other. The perfect life partners in love! They have two children well settled with their own families abroad. Now only Nimisha and Venu are here in the huge house to share their intimate moments.

Nowadays Nimisha is more sentimental… He thought. She breaks down like a small child. Even for small things, she gets irritated and later apologizes for the same. It is as if she is clinging to the thin thread of her life with an intense desire to live.

“Venu, I have one last desire in life. Could you …. Could you please take me to Kanyakumari? I want to see the sunset along with you”- Venu felt a sudden pain engulfing his heart. ‘Yes, I must take her to Kanyakumari. It is her last wish. I don’t know how many days are left for her in this world. She should not die with unfulfilled desires’ –He thought and made plans to go to Kanyakumari.

      “Venu, see the waves lashing against the seashore – How beautiful! Just like the hide and seek game played by children, the tiny waves are coming to touch the seashore and going back. And just see the sunset! The sun is looking so beautiful. The evening sky is blushing like a bride, isn’t it? See, crimson, pink, orange, red… so many colors… This sunset is so lovely. I can’t forget this” – Nimisha kept on talking like a child. She was so happy to watch the sunset at Kanyakumari.

      A sweet smile was glimpsed on her pretty face. That joyful moment must have reminded her of our honeymoon days at Kanyakumari. He remembered how they lost themselves in each other’s company. This beautiful sunset once again rekindled fond memories. Memories of love, passion and devotion for each other. Memories lingering in the mind with nostalgia. Fond memories gathered years after years like sands on the seashore, fighting the test of time. It is true …. Time flies but memories remain…

      “Venu, I am feeling giddy – please take me to the room” – suddenly Nimisha’s voice brought him back from the past. He tenderly took her hands and led her to the hotel room.

      Nimisha felt so weak and her breathing increased. Cold sweat started forming on her forehead. She felt as if her legs do not exist. Suddenly she felt dizzy. Venu carried her and made her lie on the bed. He placed her gently but firmly on the bed. She closed her eyes and smiled. Her eyelids were trembling softly. But there was an enigmatic smile on her lips.

      “Are you feeling any pain?” Venu asked

      “No dear, I’m all right.You know, I am so happy… I am so happy …….” Her words revived his feelings for her – those feelings so pleasantly warm and dear…. He put his head down and kissed her lightly on the closed eyelids. They were warm and slightly wet.

      “Now please take rest Nimi, you are so tired. Try to sleep now… I am sitting here near you. Don’t worry…. Relax and go to sleep” – Venu whispered in her ears. He caressed her hairs with his fingers.

      Slowly Nimisha fell asleep. Venu watched her sleeping peacefully. When she sleeps her face becomes so gentle and graceful like a small child – He thought. A tear or two were left on her closed eyelids. But her lips were adorned with a lovely smile. From somewhere far off came the sound of waves beating against the shore.

Venu looked out through the window. The night was dark with no stars in the sky. So dull and monotonous like my life without Nimi. How can I live without her? He shuddered at the thought.

      ‘No, God is not so cruel. My Nimi will recover. Once again we will share our fond memories and live happily in our home’ –He reassured himself. But somewhere inside his mind, he could see a glimpse of fear – Fear of separation … Fear of death!

      He turned away from the window and looked at Nimisha’s face. Love is a pleasant feeling. He realized it when he touched her lips softly with his lips. Suddenly he noticed that those lips were cold – Her face is cold! He frantically searched for the pulse in her hands. ‘No, please don’t leave me, Nimi!’ He sobbed like a child.

He could hear the pounding surf beating against the seashore- The sound that held both past and future! – The sound of endless waves engraved in his heart like the bitter truth of death!


Dr (Major) Nalini Janardhanan

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